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How the Internet Can Support the Aging Process

Watching an older person trying to manage a smartphone is a unique, and somewhat comical, ex......

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The Power of Your Mind Over Your Middle

Losing weight is an empowering journey, but before you are able to experience the joys that......

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Stress and Its Effect on Eating Disorders

There are many people who suffer from an unhealthy relationship with food, which can ultimat......

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Letting Your Sexy Show

Men tend to believe that their sex appeal is dependent on their physical looks and their perfor......

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6 Tips for Improving Personal Sexual Pleasure

The new year is quickly approaching and so is the time for new beginnings in the bedroom. Shove......

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Is There Any Hope for Balding?

In 2013,  group od German researchers issued the results to their study on how men perceiv......

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Salon Secrets for the Bathroom Budget

You’ve heard the saying about wanting a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget? Well, there......

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Sex Tips From Women Who Get What They Want

The story is fairly common among women. You are coasting through life, living it up in the bedr......

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Sex and Sleeping Better: Your Guide to Feeling Refreshed

How well you sleep at night will definitely affect your physical and mental health. If you aren......

Weight Loss 7 months ago

Bad Dieting Advice and What to Do About It

With all of the information spread through the internet, the aisles of food at the grocery stor......

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