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WAYT-less3-in-1 Acarbose,Orlistat,Naltrexone –hm5

Weight Loss

Achieving your ideal body
was never this easy!

check icon Prescribed via Online Physician Visit (If Medically Appropriate)

check icon 3-in-1 Medical Weight Loss Program

check icon Easy to Read Food Guide with Fun Recipes

check icon Customized Food Delivery to your Door

check icon 24/7 Physician & Nutritionist access

Enhance your weight-loss routine and increase your energy while burning fat!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

& Anti-Aging Support

Build. Recover. Heal.

SERMORELIN GLYCINE RDT (Wellness & Anti-Aging)

hormone therapy medications – hm

Sexual Health
for Men

3-in-1 RDT (Rapid Disolve Tablet)

Increase Overall Sexual Performance

TADALAFIL (GENERIC CIALIS®) (Promotes Blood Flow For Effective Erections)
OXYTOCIN (May Enhance Pleasure Stimulation)
PT-141 (Boosts Sexual Desire)

Mt. Everest – ED treatment for men – hm11

Sexual Health for Women

Five medications, one application!

Helps Improve Sensitivity & Satisfaction

PHENTOLAMINE MESYLATE (Muscle relaxation and a widening of the blood vessels)
PENTOXIFYLLINE (Anti-inflammatory and Vasodilator)
L-ARGININE (Vasodilator)

Screamcream – hm10
prescription hair loss treatment – hm9

Hair Loss

Three medications, One application!

Restore. Prevent. Maintain.

TOPICAL MINOXIDIL (To Promote Hair Growth)
KETOCONAZOLE (May Help Hair Loss)
FINASTERIDE (Combats hair loss.)

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