Hair loss 1 month ago

These Tips Encourage Fuller, Thicker Hair Growth

For many people, the summertime is about trimming off long locks and getting sweaty hair from u......

Hair loss 1 month ago

Your Hair Color is Showing Your Identity

Thanks to an abundance of color dyes and tinting kits, it is possible to give yourself a hairst......

Hair loss 1 month ago

The Struggles of Females Suffering From Hair Loss

Few people have the same reaction to encountering a bald-headed woman as they would when passin......

Hair loss 1 month ago

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Hair Stays Happy

Whether your entire morning routine is about combing each hair into place or you casually sweep......

Hair loss 2 months ago

What to Know About Hair Loss and Restoration

Key Hair Loss Tips Hair growth in a continual cycle, with one element involving the death and s......

Hair loss 2 months ago

Taking the Mystery Out of Balding and Thinning Hair

Many fear that the aging process will bring balding and hair thinning, and though there is trut......

Hair loss 2 months ago

What Your Body Features Say About Your Intelligence

It might be a common stereotype, but saying that people who wear glasses tend to be smart actua......

Hair loss 2 months ago

Can Protein Drinks Cause Premature Balding?

With many COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across the country, you may find yourself back to......

Hair loss 2 months ago

Destigmatizing Wigs- What the Hair Culture is Revealing

Up until recently, wigs were almost exclusively viewed as a necessary evil for those that dealt......

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