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What Our Patients are Saying About
Nu Image Medical®!


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you SO MUCH!! I am so pleased with your program.

Amy Z. Patient

Amy Z. Patient

"Not Easily Impressed" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

I have to write you an additional email. I am not easily impressed. I know that I wrote you last evening to tell you that your staff was great! I feel compelled to let you know they as well as yourself have seriously hit the ball out of the park. From A to Z. How refreshing to deal with such outstanding customer service in today's world. I can't thank you enough for all your help...

Carolyn Patient

"I Highly Recommend Nu Image" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Nu Image is fantastic!!! They have answered EVERY question I have asked! This is definitely the way to go!! Thank You!!

Debbie G. Patient


This stuff is totally worth every penny. I’ve bought this several times and can’t get enough. Thanks Nu Image!

Carol Patient

"You Have A Customer For Life!" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Good morning to you! And that is precisely why I will not only continue to order from you, but I will be sure to pass your name to every single person who comments on my results. As I told you earlier, I've worked in customer service for a long time and I appreciate when I come across a company that treats their customers the way I treat mine. Thank you again for the exceptional service. I hope you have a wonderful day, too!

Susan Patient

"Very Honest Customer Service" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Good afternoon, thank you for the pleasant phone call to discuss my options. I appreciate your honesty and candor.

Mersha Patient

"So Easy!" WAYT-LESS

I already have told 4 other people and they will be purchasing if they haven’t already!

Mel M Patient

"Awesome!" WAYT-LESS

Yes, it’s so much easier. The support of the LDN has really been really helpful in keeping cravings, aches and pains and mood stable

Briana Patient


I didn't think anything would help me. I take a lot of medications and its really hard to feel anything. This made a huge difference. Without going into too much detail, you need to give this product a chance.

Tammy Patient

"Thank You!" WAYT-LESS

This is the best diet I’ve tried.

Deb W. Patient

"Works As Advertised" SCREAMER GEL

This is always on the nightstand and works with everything.

Cathy Patient

"Thank you!" WAYT-LESS

Im One Week in and have already lost 7 lbs

LG Patient

"Awesome Customer Service." NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Thank you for the quick response! Your company has been great. Your product has been wonderful also! Thanks!

Trina M. Patient

"You Get Your Money's Worth." NU IMAGE MEDICAL

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service, I personally like the way you provide these services at very affordable rates. I will definitely recommend this website to all my family and friends. Thanks again,

Salman Patient

"Good Fun Stuff" SCREAMER GEL

My wife loves it. Her reaction when I suggested we use it for the 2nd time was priceless!

Lou Patient

"This is awesome!" WAYT-LESS

I’ve lost 20 to date and already ordered a refill!

J Patient

"It really works!" WAYT-LESS

I recommend this Diet for anyone with an addiction to sugar or over eating

KT Patient

"My buddy was down 30 lbs" HRT

My buddy actually used your guys semorelin and was down 30 lbs. I think I will try that and see how it goes. I used to be a fitness model and trainer long long time ago and then got married had kids and you know how that goes. I’m ready to get back in shape for this year and forward but need that little boost. I’m 38 turning 39 in Feb and I def don’t have that “drive” like I used to

Facebook Comment Facebook User

"Thanks Andreas" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Andreas, You are an absolute sweetheart. I'm giving you good press because you deserve it. When people see my results (7.4 lbs. in 2 days so far) and they ask me how I'm doing it, you can bet I'll be sending them to Nu Image.

Susan Patient

"Seems To Work How It Says" SCREAMER GEL

My wife loves it. She says it works and had a pretty strong clitoral orgasm the first time we used it so I'd say it works.

Joe Patient

"Superior Customer Service" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

I ALWAYS get superior customer service from you guys. I contacted FEDEX today and it is on delivery truck with the correct address (that is why I am a repeat customer:')... Have a great day)

Heather G. Patient

testimonial image
testimonial image

"No other unwanted side effects!" WAYT-LESS

This feels way more natural and not very restrictive. There are no jittery side effects. It's probably the best diet and the weight is coming off steadily and natural. I dont feel like I’m restricting anything so I really don’t feel like I’m on a diet. Just eating healthy and moderately and losing weight

Debbie P. Patient

"I aim to lose 20" WAYT-LESS

I’ve been on the program for about 2.5 weeks. I have lost 13 pounds so far.

Shonda Patient

"Thank You Nu Image." NU IMAGE MEDICAL

A BIG Thank you for your immediate response! Nu Image Team is awesome staff with the best customer service I have ever received!!

Debbie S. Patient

"Yes, completely!" WAYT-LESS

I don’t think I would have been able to stick to this without the medical assistance.

Heather Patient


I will definitely do this diet again. It has been a great experience and I’ll be ordering it again.

Rebecca Patient

"Great Experience" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

5 stars! I just want to say a big THANK YOU for making the signing up and shopping experience on your website so easy and pleasant. A refreshing change in comparison to some other sites. Well done guys.

Karen W. Patient

"20 first month!" WAYT-LESS

Trying for 15-20 more!

Frank S Patient

"Keep Up The Good Work" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Sweet. Ya'll guys rock. Well, you do. I'm certain everyone else there does too. :)

Greg N. Patient

"Nu Image Medical Came Through On This One!" WAYT-LESS

I have lost between 20-25 pounds on my first try with the program

Victoria O. Patient

"Losing Weight, Feeling Great" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

I just wanted to say that you have great customer service and coaching. Feeling good!!

Jennifer M. Patient


One word...fabulous.

Kate Patient

"Nu Image Is Amazing" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Thank you so much for responding to me, especially at this hour!! I really appreciate it and was worried that I wouldn't be able to get started until Monday. You (Nu Image) are amazing!! I look forward to being very successful with this product and the program! Thanks again! Have a wonderful weekend...

Stacy Patient

"All I Can Say Is..." NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Wow. Thank you for the superb customer service.

Celia C. Patient

"Responds Quickly" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

Thank you I have everything now. Your clinic is very responsive, I love that about Nu Image!

Valita Patient


I didn't thank you for your quick response, I most certainly meant to. Thank you. I'm having excellent results using your product and I'd like to go ahead and pre-order some supplies for another round

Jeff Patient

"Better than I expected!" WAYT-LESS

I am actually having success on this diet. This is the first time in 20+ years I have been able to lose weight and stay on the diet.

Lola C. Patient

"My buddy was down 30 lbs" HRT

My second day on a rx combo and Im loving it. Im 41 and was feeling a lot older, aches joints, lethary, bad sleep, and difficult workout recovery which has also contributed to my weight. Getting old sucks! Ive tried everything from Keto to Vegan;supplements;even diet pills and either I couldnt maintain the diet or there were terrible side effects. With Nu Image I felt the effects right away, although I also added the Fat Burner. I now have increased natural energy, clear thinking, feel younger in healthy and energy. Im so glad I found this combo. I cant understand why it isnt more easily available; much rather take this than other rxs with bad side effects.

Cynthia Patient


At first I was pretty skeptical when I purchased this item, thinking it couldn't be any better than the generic over the counter brand I had tried. Well... lemme just say... I was WAY off. This product is a godsend!

Michell Patient

"Amazing!" WAYT-LESS

Lost 17 lbs in 28 Days!

Sue Patient

"10 lbs. down!" WAYT-LESS

Still losing!

Joy M Patient

"Friendly Staff" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

I really liked the services at the center, the personnel was friendly and well informed of techniques and the technology used. I felt at ease and was comfortable through the whole treatment, which by the way was very thorough and according to what I was offered in the coupon, and after reading so many disappointing reviews of other centers I'm really glad I found this place! I'm bringing my mom to get her legs done. Kudos to this center.

Maria O Patient

"You're The Best" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

You are THE BEST Andreas. I got the invoice and it looks perfect! Thank you again so much for all that you do!

April Patient


I’ve Love 5 pounds in my first week

Kevin Patient

"So Impressed With This Company!" NU IMAGE MEDICAL

I am truly impressed with Nu Image and the staff! Best service I have ever received. Every question I have ask has been answered in a very timely manner! I am happy I chose Nu Image for my diet program.

Debbie S. Patient

testimonial image
testimonial image