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How Orlistat Pairs with a Low-Calorie Diet to Get Results

How Orlistat Pairs with a Low-Calorie Diet to Get Results
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Weight loss can be hard for anyone. Whether a person is categorized with a BMI in the overweight or obese category, the healthy thing to do is explore weight loss options. While many doctors will recommend a low-calorie diet, that may not be enough to get the desired results. At Nu Image Medical, we can talk about how Orlistat weight loss pills can pair with eating low-calorie meals.

Eating A Low-Calorie Diet

A low-calorie diet is one of the best ways to achieve weight loss. The number of calories will depend heavily on how active you are and how much weight you need to lose. Typically, the diet will vary between 800 and 1500 calories each day. With the help of a doctor, you can find out exactly how many calories you should be consuming. This way, too, there is no guesswork involved.

If you have a BMI of over 30, commonly categorized as obese, a very low-calorie diet over the course of 12 weeks can result in an average weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds each week. The food that you eat in a low-calorie diet can vary dramatically depending on the diet itself. Some, such as the grapefruit diet, involves eating many of the same foods each and every day. Others may involve eating over-the-counter meal replacements. 

Not everyone can be on a low-calorie diet, and there are countless reasons for this. It is why it’s important to talk with the doctor before doing anything to severe with your diet. You don’t want to get into a situation where you are reducing your caloric intake to detrimental levels. There’s no reason to sacrifice your health simply to be happier with the number on the scale.

More successful low-calorie diets will help you to break down the intake of calories so that you know how much protein and carbohydrates you should be consuming. Otherwise, you may not be getting the nutritional balance that you need.

Although some low-calorie diets get a bad reputation, it is a way to lose weight. Additionally, you can find plenty of ways to add in flavor so that you can maintain the diet long enough to get the necessary results. The foods you eat don’t have to be boring. However, veggies should be steamed or baked without using sauces or butter. Plenty of other tips are out there, too – and these will help with a healthy lifestyle even after you have lost the weight.

Orlistat And What It Does

Orlistat weight loss pills are made up of generic Xenical. It’s a prescription-only medication that assists with the struggles of weight loss. Combined with a low-calorie diet, it helps to get the results that you are after.

Some of the top benefits of orlistat include appetite suppression and the ability to control cravings. You will also find that it is capable of regulating your blood sugar, ideal if you are a diabetic or on the border. Orlistat is also responsible for blocking the absorption of fats, making it easier for you to enjoy the occasional cheat day without ruining your diet in the process.

Throughout the dieting process, you may find that your energy levels decrease. This is common during a diet because you aren’t eating as much and you may not be exercising as frequently because of not having enough calories in your diet. While you can take B12, orlistat will boost your energy levels more naturally. Your lipids will be lowered and, over time, your body mass will decrease. This ensures that you see the results not only on the scale but also in the way you look in the mirror.

There is a little bit of science that you should know about regarding orlistat. The pancreatic and gastric lipases are the enzymes responsible for breaking down triglycerides throughout the intestine. Orlistat inhibits these lipases so that the activity is blocked. It ensures that triglycerides found within the foods you eat are not hydrolyzed, resulting in free fatty acids that can be absorbed into the body. Once this activity is blocked, you would excrete the triglycerides through feces, helping with the overall weight loss goal. 

Why Many Diets Fail

There is a reason why many diets fail. A low-calorie diet can be difficult to maintain because people feel deprived. They’re constantly hungry – and after a few days of following the caloric restrictions, people cheat. They reach for whatever unhealthy food they can find in order to fill the need.

The combination of being hungry and being tired can make it harder for people to stay on a diet long enough to see the results on the scale. This is why, at Nu Image, we use science to provide a winning combination. 

The WAYT-less Diet provides you with pills that you take before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It includes not only Orlistat but also Acarbose and Low Dose Naltrexone.

There is a significant amount of science not only about weight loss but also keeping the weight off. Approximately 80 percent of people who lose a substantial amount of weight will put at least 50 percent of it back on. It may have to do with a few things:

  • Changes to the metabolic rate
  • Satiety hormones
  • The microbiome of the gut

The Orlistat weight loss pills combine to help you with a low-calorie and carb-restricted diet. You get the significant weight loss that you are looking for but also support the way in which your body handles fat and carbohydrates. Each active ingredient is responsible for different benefits.

Acarbose will suppress your diet, control cravings, and block the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates. Naltrexone will help to control cravings, improve your digestion, and boost your energy levels. Meanwhile, orlistat will help with appetite suppression, regulate your blood sugar, block the absorption of fats, and help to lower lipids.

How the WAYT-Less Diet Works in Comparison to a Low-Calorie Diet

The WAYT-less diet works differently than a traditional low-calorie diet because of getting the prescription medication that provides you with the necessary support. You get to learn more about the foods that you should eat while also being given a strict schedule to follow so that you know how many calories you should be eating on each day of the program. 

Many low-calorie diets tell you about all of the foods that you shouldn’t eat. WAYT-less takes a more positive edge, talking about all of the foods that you should be eating, including fruits, nuts, various fresh vegetables and herbs, chicken, lean ground beef, whitefish, and more. There are plenty of ways to enjoy delicious meals, and a cookbook filled with recipes will help to provide you with guidance every step of the way. 

With WAYT-less, we have figured out a way for you to get more of the support that you need. You still eat a low-calorie diet. However, we combine this with prescription-strength medications that help with obese and overweight patients – particularly those who suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Imagine being able to lose weight eating the same low-calorie diet for a while. Now, the only difference is that you aren’t starving every day. You can stick to the basics while seeing a noticeable difference week after week. We provide you with the approved food list and if you aren’t big on food prep and cooking, we can even connect you to pre-cooked meals that can be delivered right to your door.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you want more support every step of the way, contact us at Nu Image Medical. We can introduce you to our Orlistat weight loss pills and talk to you about how to be more successful with a low-calorie diet. 

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