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Why Use Acarbose For Digestive Issues?

<p>Why Use Acarbose For Digestive Issues?</p>
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Digestive issues can be problematic for many reasons. It may prevent you from eating the foods that you love. It may also lead to embarrassing situations as you have to rush off to the nearest bathroom after eating certain foods. Understanding more about digestive issues can help you take control of your life once again. Additionally, at Nu Image Medical, we can introduce you to Acarbose. Does Acarbose cause weight loss? Yes, and we’ll explain why.

Common Digestive Problems


You may be subject to some of the most common digestive problems – bloating, cramps, and gas. Some of these issues may seem to be present no matter what you eat. It’s gotten to the point that you don’t know what you can eat – and you certainly don’t want to go out to a restaurant for fear that those issues could strike at any moment. 

Complex carbohydrates may be your enemy. Although many complex carbohydrates are the comfort foods that we turn to, our gut health isn’t too fond of them. Some of the culprits include:

  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Cereal

There are also carbohydrates found in other foods – including processed and refined foods that are often void of nutrition. This includes cakes, cookies, pasta, and other foods.

Your diet likely includes a combination of many of these foods. As your body works to digest them, sending the carbs through your mouth, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, and colon, it’s wreaking havoc on your body. Within an hour of eating, you’re in physical pain. You’re bloated, your body is cramping, and you may even have gas or diarrhea. It’s all because of your body struggling to digest the carbs. When you have a carb intolerance, you struggle with eating the food you’re told to eat and dealing with the repercussions. 

Paying attention to how your body reacts to certain foods can be a great way to understand more about the foods that are hurting your body. Only then, can you really do something about it.

What Does A Healthy Diet Look Like?

A healthy diet is one that ensures you are getting all of your nutritional needs met without exceeding in certain areas. You may already know that it’s important to reduce such things as salt, sugar, and carbs in your diet. However, how is it that you can accomplish this? For many, it’s harder than it sounds.

2,000 calories is the generally recommended caloric intake. However, you can’t just eat 2,000 calories of your favorite food. Other nutritional elements of your diet needs to be broken down a bit – including about 900 of those calories being from carbohydrates. But, wait! Carbohydrates are why you’re continuing to deal with digestion problems. We understand, and it’s all the more reason to learn about how you can block some of the absorption of those carbs into your body.

The healthy eating pyramid has been around forever, and it’s a good reminder of what foods you should only be eating small amounts of. It shows red meat and butter at the top along with so many of those carbs that are bad – white rice, white bread, potatoes, sweets, and more. As you move to the wider parts of the pyramid, you can have dairy, fish and poultry, nuts and legumes, vegetables (in abundance), and more. While it tells you how to balance your plate, not all of those foods are good for you – especially if you deal with digestive issues that flare up when you eat certain veggies (like cabbage and asparagus).

It’s why everything needs to be balanced, including:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Carbohydrates

As you cut your calories and start to follow what’s considered a healthy diet, the problem is still your ability to digest it all. That’s when Acarbose can be a big help. Does Acarbose cause weight loss? Yes, and it can help with the digestive issues that you’re struggling with, too.

What Is Acarbose & How Can It Help?


Acarbose is a carbohydrate blocker available by prescription. It is designed to slow your body’s ability to digest carbohydrates. This can help control blood sugar levels tremendously. The prescription has been used alongside dietary modifications that reduce the carbohydrate content of every meal. Essentially, it encourages that you have smaller and more frequent meals as a way to achieve your daily caloric intake. 

Acarbose has been approved by the FDA and can reduce not only body fat but also prevent weight gain simply because of its ability to block the absorption of carbohydrates. You will also find that it increases starch excretion.

The science behind Acarbose is that it inhibits the enzymes that your body needs to digest carbohydrates. This takes place throughout the small intestines and the pancreas. As the enzyme systems are inhibited, the digestion of complex carbohydrates slows dramatically. Your body absorbs less glucose simply because the carbohydrates are removed from the body as waste instead of being broken down into glucose molecules. 

What this all means is that the issues that you deal with in regard to digestion can be drastically reduced or eliminated when you take Acarbose. It allows your body to digest everything more effectively – and the excess starch is excreted instead of causing your body digestive issues. 

There are quite a few benefits to taking Acarbose. If you have been on a low-calorie diet before, you know that you experience a lot of fatigue, hunger, and cravings. Acarbose helps you to overcome these issues, allowing you to enjoy a low-calorie and carb-restricted diet or easily. If you are going to have a heavy carbohydrate meal or a cheat day, this can also help you with carbohydrate digestion.

Beyond help with your diet to aid in weight loss, Acarbose also helps with stabilizing your blood sugar. If you’re diabetic, you know what a big help this can be.


You may be asking now, does Acarbose cause weight loss? Yes, simply because of the way that it can block the way that your body absorbs carbs. When you combine Acarbose with a <a href="">low-calorie, low-carb diet</a>, the weight loss can be considerable. 

 Improve Your Digestion And Lose Weight

You’ve already learned how Acarbose can help with your digestion. If you want to lose weight with even more help, WAYT-less is a product that we have that has helped many of our clients with weight loss goals. It combines Acarboe with Orlistat (another prescription product that helps prevent the body from absorbing fat) along with low-dose Naltrexone (A product that decreases your cravings for sugar and carbs). 

When you combine all three by using WAYT-less, you get the help with digestion. However, you also lower your inflammation from foods, you get a boost in your energy levels, and you can finally say goodbye to any food cravings that you might have. After all, those food cravings that you get when you’re stressed or watching TV late at night can get you into trouble. After taking the medication for a while, you’ll notice appetite suppression – and it’s another reason why you can lose weight easier.

There’s no reason for you to struggle constantly with digestive issues and weight loss. Many people who can’t properly digest carbs deal with obesity. This isn’t a coincidence. It comes down to the science that carbs can cause weight gain and make it harder for you to lose the weight. It’s why we’ve combined Acarbose with Orlistat and Naltrexone to give your body the help that it needs. As the three work together, you can overcome digestion problems and start to notice a positive difference on the scale at the same time. 

When you want to lose weight and know that you need help beyond simply cutting calories, let us help. At Nu Image Medical, we’ll show you the benefits of WAYT-less in comparison to other diet products on the market. 

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