Phase 3 Ultra Burn

Keep your metabolism running at peak performance with the number 1 maintenance product. Help speed up fat removal and prevent fatty build up along with an added energy boost.

Ultra Burn is your go to Phase 3 supplement

What is Ultra Burn?

Ultraburn is a custom compound of fat metabolizing lipotropics, amino acids, and B vitamins speeding up the removal of fat within the liver and to prevent excess fat build-up in problem areas. Ultraburn is usually utilized in the Phase 3 part of the HCG protocol but can also be used on its own while following a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet. Ultraburn can help with fat loss but not to be compared as a similar weight loss as HCG.

How does it work?

A mixture of amino acids and vitamins, MIC injections are commonly used to assist in weight loss and fat burning. Taken Monday through Friday via Sub Q injections (the same as Nu Image Medical HCG Diet Program), this proprietary blend of ingredients continues the fat burning process, improves energy and overall health, vital to maintaining your new body. You can pay up to $200 per weekly injection at your local physicians office or clinic. Now the same solution, made with over 3 times the regular ingredients, is simply much more affordable on the Nu Image Medical plan.

What's In It?

Methionine is an amino acid that acts as a lipotropic (fat loving) agent to speed up the removal of fat within the liver and to prevent excess fat buildup in problem areas. It helps to detoxify the body of heavy metals and is considered to be an incredible anti-oxidant. Methionine compliments weight loss because it helps prevent and relieve fatigue.

Choline is also a part of the vitamin B family. It assists our bodies to efficiently burn fat while supporting and promoting weight loss. Choline supports the health of the liver, improving its ability to process and excrete chemical byproducts within the body, which is important for the healthy support of the endocrine, cardiovascular and hepatic systems.

Inositol is a B Vitamin. It is a mild lipotropic agent, helping with weight loss and the redistribution of body fat by breaking down fats in the body. Inositol is vital for good health, both mental and physical. It is reported to offer a calming effect, improve quality of sleep and treat depression. This important B vitamin may also reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Thiamine (B1) – was the first B vitamin discovered. Thiamine is involved with many of the body’s reactions, including the burning of carbohydrates for energy. It helps the body adapt to stress and avoid adrenal burn out, helps with metabolism of thyroid hormones and is required for proper nerve function.


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What People Say About Ultra Burn

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Can't live without it!

"I've been using Ultra burn for the past 6 months because I love the energy boost it gives me along with keeping my appetite in check I will probably use this supplement forever"

It has made all the difference

"I did HCG before and had such a hard time when I got into phase 3 and ended up gaining some weight back so this round of HCG I found out about Ultra burn and it has made all the difference during my phase 3 this time. I ended up loosing two more pounds"

My favorite!

"Ultra burn is my favorite product Nu Image sells next to the HCG of course."