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Try This, Not That for Your ED

The Internet has a lot to say about a lot of things, and you can find yourself overwhelmed and......

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How Females Can Handle Low Libido

For some men and women, female sexuality is a mystery. There can be periods of intense sexual p......

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Enjoyable Ways to Fight Stress

While stress is a normal part of life, a lack of effective management techniques can lead to se......

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Your To-Do List Before Doing It

There is something incredibly hot and wild about spontaneous sex, but if you aren’t prepa......

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Intimacy as a Foundational Component of a Strong Relationship

Humans beings have a basic need for affection and love. Both the physiological and psychologica......

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Uncovering the Factors That Jeopardize Male Longevity

In spite of the common claims that they are the stronger sex, men have a shorter lifespan than......

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Taking Pride in Sexual Health

The first Pride Month was established in June of 2000, and subsequently, June of each year is d......

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ASMR: Funky Habit or Sexual Arousal?

When it comes to sexual fantasies and desires, you no longer have to feel alone or weird about......

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The Drop in T-levels Throughout Generations

Recent studies show that the number of American men seeking testosterone therapy is on the rise......

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