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How Acarbose is Used as an Adjunctive Therapy to Diet Modification

How Acarbose is Used as an Adjunctive Therapy to Diet Modification
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Many people experience difficulties with losing weight. For some, it’s not as easy as modifying a diet. There are various health concerns that may stand in the way of a person effectively losing weight. When you are modifying your diet, it can be advantageous to explore an effective adjunctive therapy.

Adjunctive therapies are simply a supplement – a way for you to get added help toward your goal. When diet modification isn’t enough, Acarbose has proven to be effective as a supplement. Does Acarbose cause weight loss? Yes, but you’ll have more success when you combine it with a proper diet.

Successful Diet Modification

When you suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions, it may be necessary for you to make some dietary modifications. Your doctor may recommend heart-healthy eating, which includes eating more green and leafy vegetables while also paying close attention to the proteins that you consume.

Many foods found in grocery stores are highly processed. They contain very little nutritional value. This means that while you think you are eating a balanced meal, you are consuming high levels of sodium, carbohydrates, and sugars. It’s working against your desire to lose weight.

The idea of clean eating has gained a significant amount of traction in recent years. While some believe it to be a diet, it is simply a way of eating. You can consider it to be a lifestyle change more than a diet. It can improve your health by focusing on healthier foods. You eat more “real” foods and eliminate the processed and refined foods from your diet.

Whenever you are on a diet modification, you can choose to make the foods on your own or use a food delivery program. When you work with us at Nu Image Medical, we can provide you with access to either based on your individual preferences.

An approved food list will provide you with the proteins, veggies, fruits, snacks, and condiments that you can enjoy daily. Plus, we’ll help you with some delicious recipes so you can bring all of the ingredients together.

Modifying your diet can ensure that you limit your calorie intake and eat healthier foods. It will allow your body to digest the foods more effectively and help you to lose weight. The important thing is to ensure you’re getting enough of what your body needs so that you aren’t depriving yourself of important nutrients and minerals.

What is Acarbose and what does it do?

As soon as you begin to modify your diet, you may complain that you are hungry. While you may be able to push the hunger aside for a while, it may reach the breaking point where you reach for literally anything. This is when you can get into trouble and start to sabotage your diet.

The hunger and the food cravings are what make it impossible for many people to follow a modified diet.

Acarbose is a pill that is taken by mouth three times a day – usually right before your major meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The common brand name of Acarbose is Precose. The dosage of the pill will vary based on what your doctor recommends.

One of the main reasons to take Acarbose is its ability to control high blood sugar, particularly if you have type II diabetes. When you can control your high blood sugar spikes, you can prevent various medical problems, ranging from blindness to nerve problems to kidney damage.

Does Acarbose cause weight loss? The simple answer is yes. It can suppress your appetite and control your cravings, so you are less likely to reach for any food in front of you. It will also block the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates, allowing you to have those periodic cheat days. If you eat processed or refined foods periodically, it won’t be the end of your diet. Over time, it will also start to improve your digestion, reduce inflammation throughout the body, and boost your energy levels.

Acarbose can be a great supplement to take, but it may not be enough to counteract all that is going on within your body and within the various foods that you eat on a daily basis. It is why the Wayt-less combo was created. At Nu Image Medical, we have provided this therapy to be combined with a balanced, modified diet in order to help more people get the results that they want. It is an effective solution for those who are obese or who have a high BMI with various other health problems, including diabetes and high cholesterol.

Acarbose works inside of your intestines to slow and block the absorption of carbohydrates from the foods that you eat. It helps to lessen the rise of blood sugar after eating.

Learn About the Wayt-Less Diet

At Nu Image, our goal is to help you be as successful as possible. Alongside of diet modification is a combo of pills that we refer to as Wayt-less. It includes not only Acarbose but also orlistat and naltrexone.

You already know what Acarbose does and how it can help you lose weight as a supplement. Each of the other two prescription medications are also beneficial in their own, unique ways. Naltrexone can suppress your appetite while also controlling your cravings. It will also improve digestion, boost your energy levels, and help you lower your insulin resistance. Orlistat, often referred to under the brand name of Xenical, will suppress your appetite, help to regulate your blood sugar, and block the absorption of fats. You’ll also find that it can lower lipids and give you an extra boost of energy.

By combining these three prescription medications, you get a powerful combination. You’ll be able to eat a modified diet while still having the occasional cheat day because of the medications ability to block sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. Additionally, you will find that the combination of medicine gives you the boost in energy levels that you inevitably lack when you are on diet modification alone.

Perhaps the most important aspect is that your appetite will be suppressed, and cravings will be controlled as you reduce your calorie intake. It will make it easier for you to stick to a modified diet for months at a time so that you can see your weight loss goals become a reality.

Any time that you try to lose weight, it’s important to work with medical professionals. You don’t want to get discouraged when you follow basic directions of diet and exercise. For some people, diet and exercise is enough for them to drop all the weight that they want. However, you may have a higher BMI that requires a nudge that only comes from a prescription supplement. You may also need some additional dietary support because of the health conditions you are working around.

There is no need to try to do everything on your own. Adjunctive therapies are available because they work – and they can be combined easily with a modified diet so that you can start to see results. We can help you to get started quickly using FDA-approved components, and everything will be shipped directly to your house. With the help of licensed and certified nutritionist support and various easy-to-read guides, you can learn about the best way for you to lose weight once and for all.

So, when you want to know does Acarbose cause weight loss, the answer is yes. Particularly when it is combined with orlistat and naltrexone, it can be the adjunctive therapy you need to pair with your diet modifications. Learn more about the Wayt-less combo by contacting us at Nu Image Medical today. We can answer your questions and have you complete an online doctor visit in no time at all.

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