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Sermorelin injections


Sermorelin is an analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) found naturally in the body. It is an FDA-approved peptide commonly utilized to optimize growth hormone levels in adults, while offering a variable IGF-1 increase.

This peptide has proven itself to be a formidable growth hormone secretagogue without negatively impacting glucose, insulin or glucagon, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, cortisol, or thyroid levels.

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It stimulates your lost human growth hormone (HGH) with a compound called Sermorelin acetate. Sermorelin restores your HGH levels so you have more energy and exercise and weight lifting become easier.

When your body produces HGH, it also starts burning adipose tissue for energy and boosts a slow metabolism. A decreased libido is also associated with a decline in testosterone and estrogen production, but restoring normal HGH levels has been shown to improve libido for both men and women.


Sermorelin is a fan-favorite for its anti-aging properties as well as weight loss and muscle gain advancements. While it may take a while before skin elasticity and tone improves, your energy levels and libido will experience a quicker boost. Because this peptide only increases the amount of growth hormone released by your body naturally, it may be a safer alternative than supplementing with direct, exogenous growth hormone. Sermorelin is popular for all of its positive health benefits such as:

  • - Increased lean body mass and fat reduction.
  • - Improved energy and vitality.
  • - Increased strength and endurance.
  • - Accelerated wound healing and recovery.
  • - Improved cardiovascular and immune function.
  • - Better sleep quality.
  • - Improved bone density.
  • - Improved skin quality and higher collagen density.
START NOW $169.00/MO

Safety Information

Dosage Information

Sermorelin is taken subcutaneously (injected into the top layer of fatty tissue). Dosing should be divided into two daily insulin injections 60 minutes before eating in the morning and before bed. The dosage should be determined by your healthcare provider based on the medical intake form. Sermorelin therapy can continue year-round. Read More

Side Effects

Sermorelin’s side effects are minimal. There may be mild injection site irritation that is common to all injectable therapy. It's important to note that everyone has differing responses to all supplements, medications, and peptide therapies – there have been low incidences of nausea, headache, flushing, and drowsiness in clinical trials.

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