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What happens after WAYT-less™?

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  • Carnitine
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  • Inositol

The maintenance program
You'll love Forever!


Prescribed via Digital Physician Visit
If Medically Appropriate


Welcome to long term weight loss maintenance

We believe that it takes four weeks to change your mindset, to prove that YOU can be free! Nu Image Medical brings you a one-of-a-kind, specially compounded maintenance program. We call it WAYT-tain. This program will start right after you finish WAYT-less™. Your maintenance phase is by far one of the most critical steps you should take to stay on track!

WAYT-tain is a proprietary blend that cannot be found in retail stores. It is a custom compounded product prescribed by a physician that may assist in the continuation of weight loss. While on this program, you will be able to eat more calories per day, enjoying everyday foods again with fewer cravings or appetite problems.

A power combo
for maintenance

wayttain combo

Low Dose

Low dose naltrexone

It may promote weight loss by aiding in appetite and craving control.



Acarabose and Orlistat

A dietary supplement that helps turns fat into energy.



Acarabose and Orlistat

May support weight loss by helping to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

Acarabose and Orlistat

It may promote weight loss by aiding in appetite suppression and craving
control. .


Slows the digestion of carbohydrates, which aids in blood sugar control and
weight loss.


Leads to sustainable weight loss by decreasing the amount of dietary fat absorbed in the intestines.


After successfully completing your WAYT-tain™ program, this trio is the perfect ally to help you transition into your new lifestyle. You will be increasing the number of foods you can eat, and this combo can help stabilize your weight. This trio may aid in appetite suppression, craving control, blood sugar control, and insulin regulation, but it won't make a difference without proper diet and exercise modifications.

Low Dose Naltrexone may promote weight loss by suppressing appetite, reducing insulin resistance, boosting energy, improving sleep patterns, and increasing growth and thyroid hormone levels. Carnitine has been shown to promote weight loss and stimulate fat burning. Like Low Dose Naltrexone and Carnitine, Inositol has shown improvements in fat burning and weight loss.

The potential of WAYT-tain™ is stacked in your favor The potential of WAYT-tain™
is stacked in your favor

wayttain benefit


Our proprietarty blend
only available through
Nu Image Medical


30 day supply


You lost the weight, now it's time to WAYT-tain

The WAYT-tain™ E-book has everything you need to know about your weight loss maintenance and grants you access to:

check icon Detailed breakdown of our Wayt-tain™ product.

check icon Benefits and science of how it works.

check icon Suitable eating habits

check icon Approved food list.

check icon Amazing recipes to assist your weight-loss maintenance journey.