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Food for Sexual Fuel

As men age, there is an increasing concern that they will suffer from erectile dysfunction or E......

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Male Libido: Finding What is Lost

General observations reveal that men tend to display higher sex drives than females, and resear......

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4 Resolutions for Your Sex Life

When each new year approaches, the lists of resolutions grow miles long. Most cover the basics,......

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Masculinity and Your T-Levels

Testosterone, while a naturally occurring and much-needed sex hormone in males, continually get......

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If You’re Sexy and You Know It, Raise Your Hand

Social culture has long played a part in the definition of sexy, and in the past, wearing tight......

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Getting What You Ask For

The concern with women's sexual health often stops at making sure your yearly gynecological app......

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What Men Want to Know About Normal Sex

Whether you want to admit it or not, there are times when you have questions about your sexual......

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4 of Women’s Most Common Health Concerns

Being a busy woman in this modern world can pull you in a dozen directions all at the same time......

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Improving Your Mental Health by Having Sex

Unless you have been off the grid somewhere in the wilds of the outback, you know researchers h......

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