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4 of Women’s Most Common Health Concerns

4 of Women’s Most Common Health Concerns
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Being a busy woman in this modern world can pull you in a dozen directions all at the same time. From work to children, from social life to business calls, it all adds up to a busy life with little time for decompression. Perhaps that is why there are so many women that are diagnosed with health issues that have become commonly associated with the modern lifestyle. The good news is that if you are aware of the symptoms linked to these four common problems, you won’t be one of the millions that go undiagnosed until the problem takes over.


Depression is a hidden disease, unlike any other in its ability to sneak up so slowly that you aren’t aware that your life has changed. It can also show up within days and take over your world to such an extent that you are laid low by the symptoms. Another problem is that depression has a duality that makes women either gain weight, lose weight, sleep too much, not sleep enough, and a host of other problems that swing as if they were a pendulum from one side to the other. Frequently seen in women after childbirth, the illness can be called postpartum depression; however, depression can strike at any time in your life. Symptoms to look out for include mood changes or swings, unexpected and irrational behavior, and sadness or thoughts of suicide. If you have any of these symptoms, seek medical help right away.


If you are like most women, you probably believe your libido will wane with age. While your sexual activities may diminish from daily into weekly encounters once you leave your twenties, it is essential you don’t lose your interest in orgasms. During the sexual climax, blood is pushed through the veins in such a way that even regions of the brain that don’t often get a good flow are presented with an ample supply of blood. That means your cognitive abilities can improve. If you find yourself losing your ability to have an orgasm, there are products like Scream Cream that, when applied to your genitals, can increase the blood supply. With improved blood supply can come heightened arousal, and that frequently leads to an orgasm. You should also be aware that being close, touching, and a sense of intimacy are all more important during a sexual encounter as you age than the desperate need to rip one another’s clothes off – it is normal, so go with the flow.


Cancer is one of the most aggressive diseases that face the modern woman, and there are three types that you should be checked for on a regular basis. By catching the problem early, the chances of recovery and remission are far greater than after the cancer has set in. Breast cancer finds a home in the milk duct linings of a woman’s breast, but if you do your monthly self-check, you could feel a small lump as the first sign. Most lumps are benign, but your medical provider should check to make sure. Ovarian cancer is in the Fallopian tubes and has no real symptoms except a nagging pain; however, some women report fatigue. The only way to find ovarian cancer is with a cervical pap smear. Cervical cancer originates in the uterus, on the other hand, and causes pain during intercourse and frequently causes discharge.


There are certain cells in your body that are created to battle viruses and enemy cells like cancer. When those cells turn on your body and attack your healthy cells, it is called an autoimmune disease. For some unknown reason, the past fifty years have shown a striking rise in the instances of autoimmune backed issues in women around the world, and the problem is baffling medical experts across the globe. Some of the best-known autoimmune diseases include vitiligo, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. There is no known way to make the body stop fighting itself, but medical science is desperately seeking a solution to the problem.


Each year new technology is created that can help in the battle to understand medical issues plaguing women around the world. From problems affecting women's sexual health to understanding how cancer develops, the researchers are coming up with newer and bolder ideas every day. To lower your chance of developing any of the health concerns above, make sure to see a medical care provider once a year. But most of all, become aware of what is normal for your body, and at the first sign that something is not right, seek help. Whether you find yourself fighting a waning sexual libido or battling mental depression, there is help available. All you have to do is ask.


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