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4 Resolutions for Your Sex Life

4 Resolutions for Your Sex Life
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When each new year approaches, the lists of resolutions grow miles long. Most cover the basics, like less alcohol, more exercise, fewer carbs, and more family time, but these also never seem to last past January. Maybe its because more resolutions aren’t very fun and take work. Seriously, who wants to give up coffee or the morning pastry? As you approach this new year, perhaps you could turn your attention to another area that needs improvement- your sex life. This year, turn your focus towards your own pleasure and how to have a very satisfying relationship with your partner.

The Noted Discrepancies

Research studies and common observation indicate then men tend to find more consistent satisfaction in intercourse over women, and studies have confirmed that the “orgasm gap” is real. Statistically, only 65% of heterosexual women admit to an orgasm each occasion they are sexually intimate, while 95% of heterosexual males state that they always orgasm during intercourse. In addition to the pleasure and good feelings that orgasms bring, there are also many health benefits to both parties, such as better sleep and a decrease in stress levels. With so much to offer, sexual pleasure and taking care of women's sexual health must become commonplace on the New Year’s resolution list. Here are four things you should strive to include in your sex life. Not just in the upcoming year, but all the time.

Taking Care of Yourself

Depending on who you talk to, masturbation is noticeably absent from female indulgence and routine. One survey reveals that only about 40% of women masturbate at least once a month. Giving yourself pleasure can improve the overall experience with your partner, as you are able to learn your body and figure out what feels good, but also what makes it feel better. The knowledge will revolutionize how you are able to engage with your partner, as you can become a guide and teacher for total fulfillment. Intimacy is about the giving and receiving, and knowing each partner got what they wanted.

Bring in the Toys

There used to be a stigma about sex and pleasure, as far as implementing toys into one’s sex life for personal pleasure or as a joint experience. That stigma is changing, and the number of women admitting to using a vibrator or other toy is continually increasing. Sex toys are for pleasure, but they can also be learning tools. Vibrators can be used to explore areas or movements that feel good and those that aren’t as satisfying. It develops more flexibility when learning to experience pleasure. If you really want to up the ante on satisfaction and pleasure, include a product like Scream Cream. This product increases blood flow to the genitals, making them more sensitive to pleasure. It can also improve the emotional feelings of intimacy generated from satisfying sex and increased libido.

Admit to Sexual Shortcomings

Many women, out of fear of insulting their partner and not wanting to bruise the ego, will fake an orgasm and move the experience along. While it may be a temporary solution to a less-than-satisfying moment for you, this practice can not only turn into a habit, but it sends a message of reinforcement to your partner. If you don’t like what’s going on or you aren’t getting pleasure, don’t cover it up and pretend everything is great. You and partner need to learn what sensations and motions to avoid and what to increase if you want a satisfying sex life. Don’t bring it up in the middle of doing it, but definitely find a time to have a conversation about how to improve the experience for both of you.

Play Up the Foreplay

Studies show that men are more easily turned on and achieve orgasm more readily than females, and much of this is attributed to the emotional and mental connections that women make with sexual intimacy. Foreplay does a lot to prepare a woman for sex, as it brings the mind and body into desire and transitions them to a place where they can receive pleasure. Focus on the foreplay, whether it be seductive texts, reading an erotic novel, a romantic dinner, or a lingering kiss when heading out to work. Take time to enjoy one another before hitting it hard in the bed, and you will increase the potential for intimacy and pleasure.


If you aren’t currently getting what you want from your sex life, there is no reason why you can’t face the new year with a mission to make things better. If you are happy with your relationship but just want better sex, this is an area that you can take control of. Bringing yourself more pleasure will have a positive effect on your partner’s interest and engagement, making sex life resolutions an important thing to bring into the new year.


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