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What Men Want to Know About Normal Sex

<p>What Men Want to Know About Normal Sex</p>
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Whether you want to admit it or not, there are times when you have questions about your sexual activity, performance levels, partner expectations, and bodily changes. Men don’t usually like to share or discuss the intimate details of their sex life when questions or concerns are the heart of the discussion but men's sexual health can be a reflection of the total state of physical health for an individual. A sexual relationship is a complex relationship, and it is okay to have questions or feel concerned about the way your sex life is going.

Top Questions

There is still a stigma associated with poor performance or a lack of masculinity in the bedroom, which makes it incredibly hard for a man to be transparent and honest with either his partner or doctor about problems with sex drive, stamina, erections, and ejaculations. When men do open up to their physician, either a primary care physician or a urologist, there are several questions that seem to be common among men everywhere. See if you have ever had any of these questions:

  1. How many times of having sex each week is considered normal?
  2. Are there any health benefits associated with having sex?
  3. What are the reasons that keep men from having enough sex?
  4. How can I help improve intimacy in my relationship?
  5. How long should a normal sexual encounter last?
  6. What might be wrong if I don’t have a strong sexual appetite?
  7. Can you ever get too old to have sex?
  8. What things should I be looking out for as I get older?

If you have ever asked these questions to yourself, consider yourself in good company with men around the world. Fortunately, these questions have answers that can help you move past any fears or hang-ups your sex life is experiencing.

Sex and Normal Expectations

Several of the questions men ask have to deal with what is considered a normal sex life. What happens in your life will, and should, be different from what happens in another person’s relationship. However, statistics show that most couples are having sex at least once a week or between two to six times a month. As far as the length of time a sexual encounter should last, the average amount of time spent on the encounter is between 15-30 minutes, but the real concern with many deals with penetration. Many men want to know how long penetrative sex should last before satisfaction is achieved. While this is an intensely personal performance factor, the national average shows that penetration usually only lasts for two minutes. One way to spice up your sexual encounter is through the use of Mt. Everest, a product designed to improve your erections, increase libido, and enhance the pleasure and satisfaction you get from the experience.

Sex and Distractions

Those who are asked often reveal a lack of time and relationship issues as the reason for a poor sex life. Careers, family priorities, and social engagements can come between a planned evening of romance, but a lack of intimacy and feeling connected with a partner is also often blamed for a reduced sex drive or interest. Couples who want to move past these hurdles need to proactively address the most impacting factors. If there is a lack of intimacy or connection, working on communication skills and spending quality time together can be a place to start. Develop the romance and interest without the pressure of having sex. If there are significant problems affecting the relationship, seeing a couple's therapist may be able to help restore the connection. Planning date nights each week by clearing your schedule and lining up a babysitter helps prioritize the need for a better relationship.

Sex and Dysfunction

The benefits of having sex are associated with reduced stress levels, improved intimacy, and improved prostate health. However, problems with prostate health, such as suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction can be a reason that many men aren’t able to have enough sex. Erectile dysfunction tends to occur the older a man gets, and it can lead to decreased sexual desire, an inability to get or sustain an erection and cause premature ejaculations. It is a treatable medical condition, and by seeking treatment, men are usually able to restore their performance, interest, and satisfaction to what is considered normal. Taking care of your body’s health, such as avoiding obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a poor diet can minimize your risk of developing ED.


If you have had any questions about your sex life, don’t be too proud to talk to a doctor or your partner. There may be a simple fix waiting to help restore your ability to enjoy your partner and the benefits of pleasurable sex.


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