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How Much Sex is Too Much?

Most couples or individuals head to a therapist because their sex life is sorely neglected, not......

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Too Much Social Media, Too Little Sex

Social media usage is one of the leading pastimes for individuals all around the world. The lat......

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The Empowering and Healing Nature of Yoga

With the latest advancements in health and technology, there have been many improvements in app......

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Spice Up Your Life With These Romantic Date Ideas for National Margarita Day

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Tips for Planning a Sexy Mardi Gras-Themed Date Night

Nothing says music, food, booze, and fun quite like Mardi Gras. This annual tradition, which ha......

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Why You Should Travel With Bae

You’ve probably heard the common clichés that tend to arise when you’re thin......

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Protect Your Sex Life By Avoiding These Ultimate Male Turn-Offs

There is much more to a healthy sex life than the act itself, especially when it comes to pleas......

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Beyond the Bedroom: What Do Men Want in a Meaningful Relationship?

Building a positive relationship with your male partner can take patience, time, and understand......

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Tips for Tiptoeing in the Bedroom

Finding the right time for sex is often more challenging when you have kids, you live with room......

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