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A Match Made in Heaven? CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin Benefits, Side Effects and More

Hormone replacement therapy has been making headlines, and for all the right reasons. Some......

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Cheating on the hCG Diet: How to Recover

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Is the hCG Hormone Safe for Men?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone created by the placenta during pregnancy. T......

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How to Maximize Weight Loss on the hCG Diet

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How to Conquer the First Week of the hCG Diet

Undoubtedly, most people consider Phase Two of the hCG diet the most challenging. It is dur......

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Ipamorelin Review: Can You Really Benefit from Growth Hormone Naturally?

Throughout the years, our bodies experience a myriad of changes. We rely on growth hormones......

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The Safety of the hCG Diet

Unlike many fad diets, the hCG diet has only minimal health risks. The diet is one of the s......

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What is Peptide Therapy? Benefits and Risks Explained

Drugs that target specific peptide and protein interactions make up about 10% of the pharma......

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Stevia: The Acceptable Sweetener on the hCG Diet

Yes, you can add a bit of sweetener to your tea or coffee while on the hCG diet but you can......

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The HCG Diet: An Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity in the United States has become an epidemic problem. In 2016, 93.3 million adults w......

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