Hair loss 4 months ago

Working Through Generations of Hair Problems

Though baldness is often considered one of the earliest, visible signs of aging, at the rate th......

Hair loss 4 months ago

Shedding Light on the Challenges of Daylight Savings Time

Though many people are excited about the prospect of sunny days and spring breezes, no one seem......

Hair loss 5 months ago

Breaking Ranks With the Social Position on Hair

Hair can be a real conversation starter, both good and bad. Consider 10-year old Promise Sawyer......

Hair loss 5 months ago

Ideas to Keep You Warm in Winter

Have you ever thought about what type of seasonal person you are? For instance, are you a hot p......

Hair loss 5 months ago

Taking the Madness Out March

In the quest to live healthy, happy lives, many people focus on what they are including their d......

Hair loss 5 months ago

The Battle of the Balding

Many people tend to judge an individual based on appearance, and while balding is not a widely-......

Hair loss 5 months ago

The Science of Nostalgia

Can you remember your high school prom? The lights pulsing on the floor, the watered-down punch......

Hair loss 5 months ago

Overworked? How It Can Change You From The Inside Out

The 1980s were a peak time for big hair, crazy windbreakers and the 1981 Loverboy hit, “W......

Hair loss 5 months ago

When You’re Tempted to "Hatfish" Your Date

Should you feel tempted to hide your true self under a ball cap, hoodie, or beanie on your next......

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