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Ideas to Keep You Warm in Winter

Ideas to Keep You Warm in Winter
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Have you ever thought about what type of seasonal person you are? For instance, are you a hot person or a cold person choosing either winter or summer as a favorite time of year? Turns out, research studies have been conducted to find out the difference between hot and cold-loving people, and the results are fairly interesting. Introverts who prefer cats over dogs and want to be the little spoon when cuddling in bed are often cold weather lovers. Conversely, the dog-loving, big spoon extrovert types tend to prefer warm beach vacations. For the cold-weather lovers, it seems that they make a little bit more money than their counterparts, with one study showing a 5k per year salary difference between the two groups. Though these preferences seem to be linked to personality, some of the arguments for heat-seeking people to deal with comfort. Some people just hate to be cold.

The Foundations of Discomfort

Being cold is an unpleasant experience, yet some people are able to tolerate it better than others. More scientifically, the amount of subcutaneous fat a body has in relation to surface area influences how quickly the body will lose heat. Women tend to feel cold more quickly than men, given a proportionate surface area but lower fat levels. This is one reason why fingers, toes, ears, and noses get so much colder more quickly. However, hormones can also impact the response to cold, as high testosterone levels in men may desensitize one of the primary cold receptors found in the skin. Whether male or female or young or old, winter is in full effect with a high probability that you will be facing chills for a few more weeks. If the cold isn’t for you, here are some tips for keeping warm.

Grow Your Hair

No-shave November is a thing for guys to get involved in, but there is something to be said about letting your hair grow longer and fuller during winter months. The top of your head is one of the fastest places to lose body heat, and your hair acts as an insulator. The thicker your mop, the more effectively body heat will be trapped underneath. For those with alopecia or thinning, feeling chills or colder in balding or patchy spots can be an early indicator of hair loss. Seeking treatment to stop the shedding or loss and encourage new growth can do a lot for improving your body’s response to cold temperatures.

Warm Yourself

Though you might think to turn up the thermostat and to raise the heat setting will fix your chills, it’s actually easier to warm your body before you warm the environment. In addition to being more eco-friendly, dressing in layers of clothing will create a more stable body temperature. This is particularly effective if your job or activity levels have you on the move or continuously walking around. You can’t dictate the temperature in every location, so start by warming yourself.

Wear the Right Hat

When it comes to being warm, don’t worry about the fashion aspect of your winter hat. If you really want to help your hair trap in the body heat, wear a nice thick hat designed for that reason. Beanies or caps made from wool or cashmere will be more effective than a cheap, thin felt or cotton hat. Pull it down nice and snug over your ears, and don’t be shy about wearing your cap inside or out.

Change Up Your Shower

Even though a warm shower can be used to heat up your body, you can actually improve the circulation of your skin by switching things up to a cold shower. Add in a minute or two of cooler water during your normal wash routine, if you really can’t stand to be cold for very long. Don’t forget a good rub down with a towel once you get out. This can also improve your blood circulation.

Turn on the Fan

If you have the heat turned on but aren’t feeling any different, turn on the ceiling fan. Hot air will rise up toward the ceiling, so running your ceiling fan on low can help push the warmer air back down towards the bottom of the room.

Seal the Cracks

The tiniest cracks between the door or window facings can let your heat slip out. By caulking around the window frames, you can create a more efficient heating system in your home. There is also an easy to install winter film covering for windows, which can effectively reduce the draft. If you have some leftover summer pool noodles, you can cut them in half, wrap them in fabric, and slide them under doors to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Spring for a Thermostat

A little investment into a programmable thermostat will go a long way in keeping your warmth on schedule. There are some systems that can be run from a smartphone app, making it easier to stay ahead of the cold front.


Don’t spend the rest of the winter freezing or huddled under a blanket. Make a few changes and stay toasty warm.


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