Hair loss 8 months ago

Overworked? How It Can Change You From The Inside Out

The 1980s were a peak time for big hair, crazy windbreakers and the 1981 Loverboy hit, “W......

Hair loss 8 months ago

When You’re Tempted to "Hatfish" Your Date

Should you feel tempted to hide your true self under a ball cap, hoodie, or beanie on your next......

Hair loss 8 months ago

Balding Around the Globe

In addition to sharing a growing economy, people around the world share the problem of alopecia......

Hair loss 8 months ago

Rich, Famous, and Bald: Celebrities Who Battle Baldness

As the founder and president of the American Hair Loss Association, Spencer Kobren is one of th......

Hair loss 8 months ago

Sideline Stress on Game Day

You would think that all the screaming and yelling occurring during the Super Bowl with each to......

Hair loss 9 months ago

A Quick Breakdown of Balding

The human body is covered in hair, although a lot of the hair is so fine you can’t see it......

Hair loss 9 months ago

Hair Growth in 5 Easy Steps

Though short hairstyles are efficient and striking, there are still those who prefer to have lo......

Hair loss 9 months ago

Effective Treatments for Balding and Thinning

Losing hair is never a pleasant experience, and in addition to worrying about the physical cond......

Hair loss 9 months ago

Hair Loss: Common Causes of Male and Female Hair Loss

Whether you are a male or a female losing your hair is not something you look forward to. In fa......

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