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Why You Should Travel With Bae

Why You Should Travel With Bae
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You’ve probably heard the common clichés that tend to arise when you’re thinking about popping the big question. Make sure you spend a whole season together. Make sure you know if they snore. Make sure she won’t turn out like her mother. And then there’s one of the more exciting clichés – don’t marry someone until you travel together. This is where the term "travel with bae" comes from. So if you think you’ve found the one, it might be time to pack your bags and book your flight. Here are the top five reasons you should travel the world before saying “I do.”

Your Relationship Will Be Stronger

According to studies conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, couples who travel together have happier and healthier relationships. This is primarily because doing new things together releases dopamine, the brain chemical associated with joy. The study also found that 67 percent of couples believe their relationship improves after traveling together.

You Will Learn A LOT About One Another

If you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you should probably see them at their worst. And in many situations, spending several days in close quarters with your significant other could bring their different sides to light. You will also inevitably experience stress at some point in your travels. Maybe you missed a train, lost a reservation or ordered the wrong food from the menu. This allows you to see how your partner reacts when faced with chaotic situations. If they shut down or get incredibly angry, this might be a big red flag for your future together.

Your Sex Life Will Thrive

It’s no secret that holiday flings are almost inevitable when traveling to exotic places. But the sexual encounters don’t just have to be with strangers. According to a study conducted by Expedia, 28 percent of Americans report becoming more intimate with their partner while on vacation.

Being in a new location can really spice up your sex life with your partner. You’re less inhibited by responsibilities and relationships back at home and you’re free to focus on "getting it on" in the bedroom. You could also experience more confidence between the sheets, something that can potentially solve women's or men's sexual health issues like ED or dyspareunia. Finally, an exotic locale can be the perfect opportunity to break out new bedroom toys like strap-ons, libido-enhancing supplements (look at Mt. Everest or Scream Cream), or even handcuffs.

You’ll Make Memories Together

If you’ve never been on a trip with your significant other, you may want to start small and plan a weekend away. A slight step up would be a week-long domestic vacation to Los Angeles or Austin, Texas. However, even these short trips can provide the two of you with a lifetime of memories.

It’s no secret that creating memories together forges stronger bonds between people. And for years to come, you and your partner will still be able to talk about being stranded in a downpour in the middle of Hong Kong while coming face to face with a 300-pound hog.

You Can Test Your Compatibility

The person you marry should be your favorite travel companion. This involves a lot more factors than sex and the sense of adventure. Over the course of your first trip together, see how your significant other handles compromise. It’s almost guaranteed that the two of you will disagree at some point during the trip. How easy is it for you to come to a sound compromise? Will they bend to your suggestions? Or remain stubbornly rigid about every decision?

Also, are you a planner? Do you want to have a set itinerary for every day of the trip? Or do you prefer to make spontaneous decisions?

Finally, you’ll really learn what your partner loves. Removing responsibilities and deadlines from your lives gives you time to truly focus on one another. You’ll find out that she likes waking up early and drinking a cup of coffee with the sunrise. Or you’ll learn that he prefers to start the day at noon and can’t function without a strong cup of Earl Grey tea. This will truly give you a chance to get to know one another, with no friends or family in the way.


When you’re traveling with your favorite person in the world, it truly doesn’t matter where you go or what you do. It’s so easy to get caught up with the budgets, the locations, the itineraries and even the weather. But, at the end of the day, you’re there to adventure alongside the one you love. And if you can handle the delays, cancellations and other mishaps together — there’s nothing you can’t do.


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