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The Empowering and Healing Nature of Yoga

The Empowering and Healing Nature of Yoga
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With the latest advancements in health and technology, there have been many improvements in approaches to modern medicine. In spite of the success, there is still a strong interest in pursuing ancient Eastern practices of meditation and yoga, particularly in areas of women's sexual health. The Western approach to medicine is compatible and complimentary of the Eastern focus on mental and emotional well-being, two elements that complement the physical aspects of a woman’s sexual needs and activities.

A Total Body Experience

Although total body health and wellness should be a priority for each individual, so often a woman will overlook her sexual needs in her haste to take care of everyone else. Women are often saddled with many domestic priorities, in addition to working outside the home or pursuing higher education. A busy schedule and racing mind can keep you from enjoying sex, as your body is consumed with fueling up physically and psychologically for the next item on the to-do list. Stress and prolonged anxiety can lead to noticeable aging, with regard to fat build-up, hair color, or worry lines. Your body may be tense and unable to relax, failing to wholeheartedly give or receive pleasure during intercourse. Though you may be able to get by, with an unfulfilling sex life can cause problems in your relationship. More than just an unsatisfying experience, prolonged sexual struggles can lead to psychological harm, which could also impact your physical health. While you can use a product like Scream Cream to enhance your sex life and help improve satisfaction and orgasm, you need to deal with the lifestyle factors that are keeping you from relaxing and enjoying life. You may not be able to quit your job or stop caring for an aging loved one, but you can take up yoga and meditation to improve your health.

The Yoga Option

Some people commonly mistake yoga for a few well-balanced stretches and some deep breathing using the word “oommm.” It is a combination of physical poses and breathing techniques, but the overall purpose is to engage in mindfulness. The science behind yoga shows enhanced development of mind-body awareness, as an individual is able to cultivate an acceptance of the emotional sensations and thoughts coursing through the body. This is done while promoting controlled and disciplined physical movements. For women, incorporating yoga and meditation in the weekly schedule is as much about relaxing as it is developing a healthier body. In particular, there are many issues regarding reproductive health affecting women in their childbearing years and beyond.

The Menstrual Cycle

From the early teen years and until late adulthood, women cope with menstruation each month. During the time surrounding their menstrual cycle, women may experience a variety of discomforts both physically and emotionally. Many women have emotional fluctuations around their time of the month ranging from mild all the way to debilitating. The symptoms could include irritability and irregular or inconsistent moods, often made more complicated by physical symptoms of bloatedness, fatigue, and breast tenderness. A woman that engages in regular yoga practice can address these negative physical ailments by working to reduce the stress on the central nervous system. Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation response), this helps relieve tension and built-up stress, promoting deep relaxation for the total body. Deep breathing exercises also increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the reproductive organs and tissues, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort, but it also increases circulation within the body which can reduce the fluid retention that causes bloating.

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Yoga and meditation have been shown to significantly alter the perception of pain during labor itself, but practicing yoga throughout pregnancy helps reduce the discomforts that commonly accompany pregnancy. It improves sleep patterns, reduces stress, increases muscle flexibility and control, as well as enhancing the overall quality of life. In addition to the physical ailments of pregnancy and postpartum, emotional and mental health concerns arise. Depression has been linked to higher rates of pregnancy complications and postpartum episodes, and postpartum women often struggle with weight gain, fatigue, and limited physical activity. Yoga can cultivate vitality, weight loss, and improve social functioning. The energy and exercise that stems from yoga and the mindfulness of mediation also restore emotional balance, combatting depression and anxiety while building self-efficacy and self-mastery.


Throughout a women’s life, there are many situations that can interrupt a calm and controlled demeanor. Whether it's the stresses of life or the physical challenges unique to women, taking up yoga and meditation can boost all areas of health. It can help restore a positive emotional balance, as well as improve physical strength and stamina.


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