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Protect Your Sex Life By Avoiding These Ultimate Male Turn-Offs

Protect Your Sex Life By Avoiding These Ultimate Male Turn-Offs
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There is much more to a healthy sex life than the act itself, especially when it comes to pleasing your male partner. Honesty in the bedroom can help strengthen the intimate bond you and your partner will ultimately share; however, there are some behaviors that turn men off, even if they never discuss them. We at Nu Image Medical are dedicated to men's sexual health and increasing satisfaction with your sex life by offering a few tips about what might be leaving your man flat.

The Starfish Pose 

When the time for intimacy arrives and you disrobe and lie back on the bed like a limp starfish, this may make your partner feel flaccid as well. This pose usually presents a disinterested vibe, as if you are thinking about folding laundry or the latest episode of that new Netflix series instead of what your partner has to offer.

Engaging in foreplay can help you feel more connected with your boyfriend or husband and keep you fully engaged in your time together. Take your time exploring his body, ask him what feels good, and how much he turns you on. This is likely to give him increased confidence and could result in more satisfying sex for you both.

Faking Orgasms 

There are several reasons that women fake orgasms, from a lack of confidence about their bodies to wanting to hurry through sex at the end of a long day. However, this behavior can have a negative effect on your relationship and create a lack of trust if your partner discovers he has not truly pleased you. In some cases, this lack of self-confidence can cause temporary erectile dysfunction in men or even prolong the ED if his self-esteem continues to drop.

If you fake orgasms because you cannot achieve them during intercourse, you may be surprised to know that this is normal. Because of the position of the clitoris, many women cannot orgasm simply from coitus and require clitoral stimulation during foreplay and during sex itself. You can end the cycle of fake orgasms by being honest about what makes you climax and how your partner can help you get there.

A Lack of Initiative 

While most men are taught early on that they must be the ones to initiate sex, having to constantly do so may make your man feel that you are disinterested in sex. This may cause him to eventually close up and pull away because he fears pressuring you. If you would like to be the one who lights the spark more often but are unsure of your techniques, there are a few ways you can let him know you are interested.

Both verbal and non-verbal cues can let your man know when you are in the mood for sex. A light touch, a smile, or even a naughty bite to the earlobe when he least expects it can clue him in. Engaging in a bit of sexy talk before you retire to the bedroom can light his fire as well.

Comparing Him To Other Men 

Even if you wish your boyfriend or husband had muscles like Vin Diesel or a bank account that rivals Bill Gates, constantly comparing him to other men is likely to wear down his self-confidence over time and cause him to try and conform to whatever ideal he thinks you want the most. Whether you have a celebrity crush that you compare him to or one of your exes, it is not likely to make him feel sexy.

Focusing on what makes your husband or boyfriend unique and what turns you on can be one of the best ways to make him feel confident and sexy. Talk about what you love about his body, his intellect, and his personality and what makes him attractive to you. This is much more likely to give his confidence a healthy boost during sex.

Too Much Direction 

While you are more than deserving of a pleasant sexual experience, telling a man exactly what you want him to do and how to do it can make him feel more like a servant than a partner. A bit of guidance, along with equal reciprocation, will likely make for a better experience for you both.

A Lack of Support for ED Problems 

If your partner suffers from erectile dysfunction, it may make him feel embarrassed or that he is no longer masculine. You can make an effort to support him by looking into research and medication that can help treat the problem, such as Mt. Everest, a prescription medication that can increase his libido and reduce the symptoms of ED.


Achieving intimacy with your male partner can make for a loving relationship. However, avoiding behavior that could turn him off may help you achieve a sexual and emotional balance that can last for years.


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