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Spice Up Your Life With These Romantic Date Ideas for National Margarita Day

<p>Spice Up Your Life With These Romantic Date Ideas for National Margarita Day</p>
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If you love to celebrate with a tasty frozen alcoholic drink, then it is time to get ready for National Margarita Day. On February 22nd, Americans all over the nation will pay homage to one of the most popular drinks to ever cross the border from Mexico. From drink discounts and deals to rousing parties with friends, there are many ways to celebrate. However, if you want to add a little romance to the day, we would like to offer a few margarita-themed date ideas that could make for an unforgettable evening.

Indulge in a Sexy Drinking Game 

Margaritas can make a fine complement to a sexy drinking game, such as Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever or even a trivia-based challenge that requires each player to drink every time he or she answers a question incorrectly. If you want to kick your game up a notch, make your questions or dares sexy ones, but remember to consider her comfort zone and always ask for consent before challenging her to a sexy game.

Play Guess That Flavor 

Margaritas come in a variety of flavors, and you can use this to your advantage when it comes to creating a romantic date night in their honor. Use a satin scarf to blindfold your date and then have her taste-test a variety of different glasses before asking her to guess each flavor. Correct answers can be rewarded with kisses or sensual touches. This can make for effective foreplay, which is often an important factor for achieving orgasm.

Forego the Glass

If you want to make your partner orgasm outside of intercourse, skipping the margarita glass entirely and drinking your frozen beverage off her body might do the trick. Some women cannot orgasm through penetration alone, but since orgasms are beneficial to women's sexual health, some oral play may help her climax more completely.

Building sexual tension can be an important part of this type of game. For example, you can make a mini-drink in her bellybutton, salt the outer edge, and suck it out with your lips and tongue. You can also drip some of your favorite margarita flavors along her spine and lick it off her skin. Take your time, ask her what she might like to try, and remember that things may get sticky, so keep some damp towels handy.

Make It a Contest 

What better way to celebrate National Margarita Day than to challenge your partner to a blending contest? Bring over your shakers and blender, collect some ingredients, and see which one of you comes up with the best recipe. Award sexy prizes for the most flavorful drink, the most original, and the best-tasting selections as well. Once you choose your favorite, retire to the bedroom to share it together.

Drink By Candlelight 

If you want to add a romantic touch to your Margarita Day celebration, consider having drinks by candlelight. The warm glow of a few candles can help set the right mood and encourage an intimate atmosphere. You can use candlelight almost anywhere in your home to give any room an air of mystery and romance. If your home or hotel has a fireplace, make a cozy fire and enjoy your margaritas as you bask in its warm, romantic glow.

Include Some Party Favors 

If Margarita Day has you feeling adventurous, then consider picking up a few sexy party favors for your celebration. Naughty nighties, personal massagers, and a product that can boost her libido for better orgasms, such as our Scream Cream, can all make for an evening neither of you is likely to forget.

Using sex toys with your partner can increase feelings of intimacy as you both discover what makes the other feel good, what causes intense orgasms, and what turns her on. Remember to experiment at levels that are comfortable for you both and take your time when it comes to choosing the devices you like most.

Visit a Local Festival 

If your city or town is celebrating National Margarita Day with a lively festival, this atmosphere can make for a great prelude to an evening alone with your partner. You can sample different flavors, try a margarita over ice instead of the traditional frozen variety, and bond with your date over any shared tastes you discover.

Some of these celebrations offer a variety of activities for couples, as the day is in close proximity to Valentine’s Day. Games, drink specials, and couples’ meals may all be available, so try to plan ahead as best you can.


National Margarita Day can provide you with plenty of sexy fun to share with your partner. Celebrating together may bring you closer as a couple and give you the means to discover new things about each other as you foster a healthy sexual relationship.

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