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The Holidays and the hCG Diet

  Undoubtedly, dieting over the holidays takes extreme willpower and dedication. With......

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What is IGF-1? The Benefits and Risks You Should Know

Have you been feeling run down and tired lately -- but still have trouble falling asleep at......

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What Should You Expect From Sermorelin Injections?

What if there was a way to slow the aging process, lose stubborn fat, and restore your vi......

HCG Diet 1 year ago

Starting the HCG Diet Over the Holiday Season

Diet over the holiday season? You are probably wondering how you can control yourself with......

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HGH and Testosterone : What's the Difference?

One of the larger problems with physical training comes from the adage: you put in the wo......

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Your Ultimate Guide to CJC-1295

114 million Americans take some sort of health, weight loss, or strength supplement. There......

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Transitioning to Phase Three of the hCG Diet

You have successfully lost weight during Phase Two of the hCG diet and now it is time to st......

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The Benefits and Side Effects of GHRP

HGH, or human growth hormone, is reaching buzzword levels of popularity in the health and f......

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The Loading Phase of the hCG Diet: How to Load Successfully

Phase One of the hCG diet typically referred to as the Loading or Gorging Phase, is the cru......

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What Are Peptides and Why Are They Popular Amongst Athletes?

When you think about performance enhancing drugs, you probably think of illegal steroids. B......

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