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How Chewing More Can Help You Lose Weight

The simple act of chewing more can significantly help you lose weight by helping you regulate your a......

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Phase 2 HCG Diet Shredded Beef Recipe

This is a great recipe for Phase 2 HCG diet shredded beef that you can easily store for 3-4 days in......

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Snack on These Foods Before Eating to Lose Weight

What you snack on before you eat can have a dramatic impact on how much you eat and your weight, jus......

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7 Springtime Foods For Weight Loss

Spring us upon us and that means that there are several fresh and new delicious options for foods th......

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Can You Eat As Much Fruit As You Want and Lose Weight?

Although most people accept that fruit is a healthy food, not every type of fruit is the same when i......

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HCG Diet Mistakes to Avoid

When you're on the HCG diet you have to be careful about  the most common HCG diet mistakes to avoid......

Recipes 4 years ago

Phase 2 HCG Diet Mongolian Beef and Cabbage Recipe

This is an easy recipe for  Phase 2 HCG diet approved Mongolian beef and cabbage that you can use to......

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8 Foods that Suppress Your Appetite

When trying to stick to a low calorie diet, it is not uncommon to have feelings of intense hunger. T......

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How to Reduce Cravings During Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

Phase 2 of the HCG diet is the hardest thing you will likely ever do to lose weight. This diet reall......

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Why Sleep Is So Important For a Healthy Body

When you are trying to lose weight you generally concentrate on two things: diet and exercise. But y......

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