Wellness 3 weeks ago

Handwashing Habits: OCD or Good Hygiene?

The recent months have shed new light on the importance of good hygiene, as the spread of the c......

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The Peptide Strategy for Better Health

The human body experiences many things as it gets older, most of which are undesirable symptoms......

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Why Men Generally Avoid the Doctor

The month of June is National Men`s Health Month, and the purpose is to raise awareness about h......

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The Importance of Good Sexual Health

The Importance of Good Sexual Health Talking about sexual health is an important aspect of tota......

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5 Ingenious Ways to Destress

Stress can wreak havoc on your body, upsetting normal functions of the immune response, cardiov......

HCG Diet 1 month ago

Summer Drinks That Don't Ruin Your Diet

When you are following a strict weight loss program like the HCG diet, you may think that alcoh......

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Feeling Beautiful When Society Says Otherwise

One of the most difficult battles people face within is accepting themselves for who they are a......

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The Damage Being Done by Your Beauty Routine

The beauty industry is valued at around $532 billion and counting, making it easy to find just......

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A Guide to Protecting Your Hair From Sun Damage

Most people understand how damaging the UV rays of the sun can be on your skin, but few know ho......

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The Benefits of Sweating It Out

For centuries, cultures around the world have used saunas to promote better health. Some claim......

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