Sex 6 months ago

How Much Sex is Too Much?

Most couples or individuals head to a therapist because their sex life is sorely neglected, not......

Sex 6 months ago

Too Much Social Media, Too Little Sex

Social media usage is one of the leading pastimes for individuals all around the world. The lat......

Hair loss 6 months ago

Working Through Generations of Hair Problems

Though baldness is often considered one of the earliest, visible signs of aging, at the rate th......

Hair loss 6 months ago

Shedding Light on the Challenges of Daylight Savings Time

Though many people are excited about the prospect of sunny days and spring breezes, no one seem......

HCG Diet 6 months ago

The Daily Impact of a Healthy Diet

Paying attention to your daily nutrition is important, but all too often people find excuses to......

HCG Diet 6 months ago

How Nutritional Labels Can Sabotage Diet Plans

While you may be preparing your home for a spring cleaning attack, the Academy of Nutrition and......

Anti Aging 6 months ago

Affirming Yourself Past Old Age

If there is something the world needs more of, it is words of affirmation and acts of kindness.......

Anti Aging 6 months ago

5 Female Pioneers of the Medical Field

For the next month, people around the world are going to celebrate the women of the past and hi......

Men 6 months ago

Exercise and the Positive Impact on Mental Health

You probably know how beneficial exercise can be for your body’s health, but few people u......

Women 6 months ago

Getting Past the Gym Jitters

As a female, it can be hard to avoid all the negative self-talk about size and weight, especial......

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