Sex 6 months ago

A Healthy Body Needs a Healthy Sex Life

The days are getting longer, with more sunshine and great weather just ahead. Everyone is ready......

Sex 6 months ago

Going Green for Good Sex

As the patron saint of Ireland, you wouldn’t typically consider St. Patrick to be a sex i......

Sex 6 months ago

Dilute Poor Health With Increased Water Consumption

The surface of the earth is about 71% water-covered, and in spite of finding water vapor in the......

Weight Loss 6 months ago

Simple Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Diet

If you have a type-A personality, the first signs of spring have you in a tizzy. Those who enjo......

Weight Loss 6 months ago

The Sour Truth About Sugar and Sweeteners

According to the International Food Council, 75% of Americans are trying to cut back on their s......

Anti Aging 6 months ago

Choosing Between BCP-157 or TB-500

The medical community is devoted to improving the quality of life for individuals around the wo......

Anti Aging 6 months ago

Fight Aging With a Cup of Joe

It’s always a good day when the latest health trends or reports show that something once......

Hair loss 6 months ago

Spring Forward Into New Hair

Spring is in the air, and all of nature is on the verge of new birth. Landscapes have a birth o......

Hair loss 6 months ago

Is Your Hair Style Causing Traction Alopecia?

When it comes to feeling confident in who you are and your appearance, a hairstyle has a lot to......

Sex 6 months ago

The Power of Sex Over Sleeplessness

If you think you are the only one dragging around the office or struggling to keep your eyes op......

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