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Libido Challenges in Females

<p>Libido Challenges in Females</p>
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If you look to the entertainment industry or social media for assistance with your sex life, you might feel like you aren’t living up to the expectations of normal relationships. Even if you haven’t checked on someone else’s success in the bedroom, you have probably wondered how your bedroom habits measure up against what is considered normal. Are you having sex too much? Not enough? Or is the amount, duration, and excitement just enough? Libido, or what makes up your interest and desire in sex, will vary from individual to individual, and it can even vary between you and your partner. There are some age ranges and conditions where stereotypes exist, such as with newlyweds, new relationships, or been married for decades, but overall, your sex drive is a personal condition.

Figure Out Where to Start Analyzing

If you want to look at how healthy your libido may be, you can’t effectively do so without being able to describe what you consider “normal” in your life. Your baseline libido will let you know if where you are currently in your relationship or life shows a dysfunction. For some, craving sex every day may be the signal of a strong libido, while others are completely content with having sex just once a week or even less frequently. It is also normal to experience some periods of disinterest because of how busy life has been or because of illness. If you can pinpoint habits or regularity that help you establish your libido baseline, you are in better shape to start figuring out if something is wrong with it.

For those that have had a consistent interest and desire for sex but then suddenly lose the urge, you need to take a hard look at what may be going on in your life. Libido changes can come at any time because of the influence of environment, physical, or emotional conditions. When a change in libido creates issues between you and your partner, then it is time to do something. While each couple needs to work out what a healthy sex life should be, you need to take interest in the things that might be impacting your ability to get in the mood for sex. If you think about sex every hour and can’t seem to shake your desire, you may be wondering what could be causing such an unusually high libido. Again, there is no right or wrong for what your libido should be. Besides, if you are talking about sex drive does that just pertain to vaginal penetrative sex, or do you include things like oral sex. The only way to really judge if something is off track is through the impact it has on your sex life but also how it affects your lifestyle. Sexual addictions can be just as troublesome as a lack of total desire.

To consider if your sex drive is too high, evaluate yourself against the following conditions.

  1. You can’t stop watching porn or having sex with strangers. You simply can’t stop participating in the activity despite the negative impact it is having on your life.
  2. You are using sex as a way to escape from life. You need to sneak around in order to get your needs filled, even it means hurting someone you care about. You do it all the time, hoping that the pleasure or satisfaction your receive will fill some void in your life. Most of the time, though, it leaves you feeling empty.

For some, addressing mental disorders (such as anxiety) with an overactive sex life may be a form of self-medication. People with unresolved shame or low self-esteem may also look to sex to block out deeply rooted emotions. Psychological conditions may also be a factor, as well as stimulant drugs like crystal meth, ecstasy, or cocaine. In some substituted cathinone drugs, increased libido is a side effect.

Look for Libido Reducers

For most women, the problem lies with too little interest in sex rather than too much. There are legitimate reasons for the drop in interest, and many of them can be addressed with lifestyle changes, medications, or therapy. Health conditions are a common culprit when it comes to having a lack of desire for sex. Medical conditions can suppress your libido to the point where it is nonexistent. Stress, fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, or obesity can lead to a reduced desire for sex. Whereas your mental health can boost your libido, it can also suppress it. Lost libido in women is often a key warning sign of depression. Even though you may be on antidepressants, they aren’t really going to help your sex life. The compounds in commonly prescribed antidepressants actually prevent the brain from absorbing serotonin, which is the chemical that impacts desire. These medications also make it harder to orgasm, leaving what sex you do have less than satisfying and pleasurable. PT-141 is a treatment option for those who are wanting to increase sexual satisfaction and restore their libido back to normal levels.

Hormone levels also have a strong say in how happy your libido is, with testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen all having an impact on your desire. In females, estrogen spikes prior to the start of their monthly period often increase desire, while menopause turns into a libido plunge as estrogen levels fall. However, testosterone levels that are too low have a significant impact on libido. Hormone therapy may be able to help restore a consistency within your body, potentially leveling out your libido as well. There are some birth control methods that interfere with your hormone balance, so check with your physician about your other options.

Relationship challenges are another key factor in a healthy libido. Emotional intimacy plays a big part in the desire for physical intimacy, so if the relationship is going through some issues, your sex life could suffer. Things like poor communication, anger, infidelity, or frustration can lead to an aversion to intercourse. It could also be that you are bored with the sex life between you and your partner, and boredom can lead to a lack of interest. Though this problem can only be resolved through open communication and commitment to making a change, you can increase your own feelings of pleasure and satisfaction by using Scream Cream.

Build a Balance

For many women, life simply gets in the way of their sex life. Women tend to have domestic priorities that compete with career demands, and there is often very little time dedicated to the health and wellness of the female. Pleasure and sexual satisfaction are crucial to female health, yet many put these needs on the back burner while they take care of everyone else. The longer this routine continues, the lower a woman’s libido can drop. This is a serious blow to their emotional, mental, and physical health. Fortunately, women don’t have to live without a healthy sex life. There are many medications and tools that can be used to bring their libido levels back to a healthy level. In addition to pursuing these resources, women need to spend more time building a balance between giving others attention and taking time to allow themselves to feel and enjoy pleasure. It is hard to give to others what you aren’t able to receive yourself.

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