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Keeping the Enthusiasm in Remote Employment

While there are many companies that have been forced to lay off dozens of employees because of......

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Don't Ignore These Tips for Healthy Circulation

For many people, one of the positive results of COVID-19 protective measures is the move of man......

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Using CrossFit to Get in Shape

The shelter-in-place guidelines and social distancing restrictions may be keeping you from your......

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How to DIY an At-home Pedicure

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Safe Sex During COVID-19

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The Pandemic Hair Trend Men are Talking About

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a host of a-typical behaviors in people around the world, m......

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The DIY Haircare Trend During COVID-19

The global community has been dealing with shelter-in-place restriction for several weeks now,......

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Light Up Your Sex Life With a Massage Candle

Candles are often used to help set the stage for a romantic dinner or to help create less chaos......

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Getting Your Sex Life Out of a Dry Spell

Many people want to blame their lack of sexual interest as simply “going through a dry sp......

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To Play or Not to Play: Dealing With Video Game Backlog

As gaming enthusiasts have experienced, technology has ushered in the golden age of video games......

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