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Fatty Acid Synthase

These days fat is a bad word. But you can't survive without fat and fatty acids in your body. F......

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Your Guide to Orlistat

If you have had a friend take Orlistat to help them lose weight recently, you may be wondering......

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All About Acarbose

Your digestive system breaks down complex carbohydrates from the foods you eat and turns it int......

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Get Shredded Like the Dark Knight for Batman Day

 Who doesn't love Batman? He's a hero that everyone can look up to and admire. One of the......

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The Real Scoop on Orlistat Side Effects

Orlistat is a weight loss drug sold under the prescription name Xenical and over-the-counter as......

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Talking to Your Doctor About Naltrexone

If you are considering a Naltrexone dosage for weight loss, you may have questions for your doc......

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Do Waist Trainers Work or Are They a Waste of Time?

If you use Instagram, then you've probably seen multiple celebrities showing off their small wa......

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Are There Benefits to Generic Medicine?

Being able to take a pill and lose weight is very enticing. With the introduction of orlistat,......

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Is Acarbose Different from Precose?

Diabetes is a medical condition requiring you to take control of your body. To be healthy and a......

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