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Family Bonding: It's Easier Than You Think

The average schedule for most families has parents and kids pulled in different directions seve......

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Use These Simple Strategies to Boost Your Energy

Have you been feeling a little sluggish lately? Have you found your activity slowly starting to......

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The DIY Approach to Looking Younger

For those afraid of aging, there is a multi-billion dollar industry ready and waiting to sell y......

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Treat Yourself: How a Day at the Spa Can Work Wonders

If you find that life’s daily rigors make it difficult for you to relax and unwind, you a......

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6 More Weeks of Winter or Early Spring? Better Grab Some Sunscreen

On February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil crawled out of his burrow and neglected to see his shadow. A......

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Men and Moisturizer: The Naked Truth

Skincare isn’t just a regimen for women. Men have just as much of a need for a cleansing,......

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70 Years of Beauty Trends You are Sure to Recognize

The Changing Trends There are certain fashion icons that tend to stand out in the beauty indust......

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How Old Are You? How Looking Younger Can Make You Feel Younger

Have you ever been told that you are only as young as you feel? It has always sounded clich&eac......

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The Millennial Climb Over the Hill

If you were a 90s kid, you remember rocking out to the Backstreet Boys or shaking your hips to......

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