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Enclomiphene Citrate Tablets: Dosages, Treatments, Interactions

Enclomiphene Citrate Tablets: Dosages, Treatments, Interactions
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With hypogonadism becoming more common, it comes as no surprise that many men are seeking remedies to this condition. Hypogonadism is a growing concern for the aging population, which may explain why many are turning to enclomiphene citrate tablets as a treatment. 

According to WebMD, enclomiphene citrate has primarily been treated with “exogenous testosterone,” but the potential for negative side effects of testosterone has led health professionals to seek other treatment options. Enclomiphene citrate tablets are FDA-approved for the treatment of hypogonadism.

Too much testosterone can cause a number of problems, including:

  • An enlarged prostate

  • Trouble urinating

  • Heart damage

  • Increased risk of a heart attack

  • Swelling of feet and legs

How enclomiphene citrate works 

Enclomiphene citrate tablets work by raising levels of serum total testosterone, so sperm counts are maintained and stay within normal levels in men with secondary hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition in which the testicles are healthy, but the body doesn’t manufacture enough testosterone, the hormone responsible for male development and functioning. 

While hypogonadism is most prevalent among older men, younger men also experience the condition. Enclomiphene citrate tablets are non-steroidal estrogen receptor antagonists that encourage the testes to secrete “gonadotropin-dependent testosterone.” Enclomiphene citrate tablets come in capsule form and tend to be less expensive than some other male supplements. 

Enclomiphene citrate tablets tend to cost anywhere between $30 and $40, depending on the manufacturer. As the main male sex hormone, testosterone is critical for male reproduction, bone and muscle mass, and overall body development. 

When the body doesn’t have enough testosterone, a number of problems may occur. According to experts, when a man’s T levels drop, he is prone to developing problems such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, and insufficient muscle tone. 

Testosterone also affects libido, mood, and overall sexual functioning. But how exactly does enclomiphene citrate affect sperm count? Because enclomiphene citrate boosts libido, men may show more interest in sexual activity. When combined with an increased sperm count, this may facilitate conception. 

It’s important to note that testosterone is linked to libido. Consequently, many men find that enclomiphene citrate tablets help treat erectile dysfunction or ED.  

That is why many men turn to estrogen blockers, like enclomiphene citrate, that increase testicular size and help restore sperm levels. These tablets can be prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional either online or in person.  

Enclomiphene, in many ways, may be a miracle drug. It comes in 12.5 milligram and 25 milligram tablets and has been found to be very effective in the treatment of hypogonadism. According to experts, using enclomiphene citrate tablets is very effective and substantially increases total T levels in men with hypogonadism. Enclomiphene citrate tablets were found to be just as effective as topical testosterone. 

Many men taking these tablets see significant increases in luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). LH is essential to sexual function and development, according to MedlinePlus. 


When it comes to dosages, Randomized participants in studies on enclomiphene citrate have researched different dosages. Enclomiphene citrate can also be given in doses of 6.25 milligrams. After taking enclomiphene citrate for six weeks, many men develop high concentrations of testosterone. In fact, studies have found that male participants in studies often have a total concentration of 604 ng/dL after taking the highest possible dose of this medication. 

The highest possible dose you can take is 25 milligrams. Although enclomiphene citrate tablets have been found quite effective, experts don’t know exactly how long it takes for this medication to yield results. Similarly, experts don’t know how long the drug stays active in the body. 

It also remains unknown if enclomiphene citrate interacts with alcohol. Because of this, experts recommend consulting with your doctor to see if alcohol consumption is safe while taking enclomiphene citrate. 

There are also benefits to taking this medication. It is not habit-forming, like some medications. Enclomiphene citrate has been found to help you build lean muscle mass and increase overall muscle growth. It also facilitates weight loss by speeding up your metabolism. In terms of mood, enclomiphene citrate has many benefits, including the ability to improve your mood. Enclomiphene citrate has been found to improve cognition as well.

Increased levels of testosterone resulting from this drug also improve one’s quality of life by improving your concentration, boosting self-confidence, and causing one to be more social. This affects almost all aspects of life. 


Enclomiphene citrate, in many cases, has been taken off-label for the treatment of hypogonadism. It works by increasing LH and FSH. According to PubMed, hypogonadism has become a problem for aging men. This is why treatments like enclomiphene citrate have become popular in recent years. 

But how do enclomiphene treatments work? By increasing T levels in men, enclomiphene citrate works by increasing FSH and LH. In doing so, men begin to see improvement in functioning and health. However, you may not notice a difference right away. Enclomiphene citrate typically produces increases in testosterone levels within two weeks of starting treatment. 

However, studies have found that it may take significantly longer for you to see a significant change in adrenocorticotropic hormone, cortisol, bone markers, and lipids, according to the National Institutes of Health.

As a selective estrogen receptor antagonist, enclomiphene citrate attacks estrogen receptors that reside in the pituitary gland. This increases the secretion of gonadotropin. When this happens, the motility of sperm is increased.  However, men may also develop an increased temper if testosterone levels get too high. It is not advisable for pregnant women to take enclomiphene citrate, as it provides no benefits to this “population.”

If you are considering treatment with enclomiphene citrate, it is important to know a number of things. While testosterone is essential to men, women also have testosterone. However, testosterone levels in women are typically much lower. Most men experience a decrease in testosterone as they get older. 

This decline in testosterone is sometimes referred to as Symptomatic Late-Onset Hypogonadism or male andropause. While enclomiphene citrate has many benefits, it is important to be aware of any interactions that may result from taking it.


According to RXList, enclomiphene has severe interactions with only one other drug. However, its effectiveness can be decreased when it is combined with certain other medications. Enclomiphene citrate’s effectiveness can be decreased if it is taken alongside drugs such as vinorelbine. 

The effectiveness of the drug Vortioxetine may also be compromised, if it is taken along with enclomiphene citrate. Vortioxetine is prescribed for adults with depression. Vortioxetine is a serotonin modulator, which means that it raises serotonin levels. Serotonin helps promote mental stability. Vortioxetine is a selective serotonin uptake inhibitor or SSRI.

Of course, it is also important to research any other prescription drugs you are taking to see if they interact with enclomiphene citrate. Experts say that you should not take enclomiphene citrate with ospemifene, fluoroestradiol F 18, and ospemifene, although enclomiphene is not believed to be dangerous with many other substances.

However, drug interactions are not the only thing you should worry about. According to experts, enclomiphene citrate has interactions with a number of diseases. These include hepatic dysfunction, abnormal uterine bleeding, liver disease or a history of liver disease, uncontrolled thyroid, or adrenal dysfunction. Other disease or health interactions include the following:

Enclomiphene citrate stimulates the ovaries, which can increase your risk of endometrial cancer. Women taking doses higher than 2000 milligrams have the potential to experience problems. While drug interactions are generally mild, it’s important to remember that certain contraindications exist. According to Wikipedia, uncontrolled reactions to this medication do occur. 

An allergic reaction to this medication can result in a number of problems, which include health complications and potentially death. A number of other contraindications may occur. These may include ovarian cysts or growths and uncontrolled adrenal or thyroid function. 

There is also the potential to experience adverse side effects. These include nausea, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, and hot flashes. About 1.7 percent of those taking enclomiphene citrate experience Nasopharyngitis.  

Of course, it is important to take your own condition into consideration. Research any preexisting conditions you have to make sure enclomiphene citrate does not cause any problems. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, studies have found a clear link between enclomiphene citrate and testosterone production. In fact, sperm count levels often returned to normal in men who participated in a clinical study.

This goal was accomplished through the utilization of the “hypothalamus and pituitary-testicular axis.” Why does testosterone diminish in the first place? According to experts, testosterone levels decrease by 0.4 to two percent each year in men ages 30 and above. The drop in testosterone leads to decreased muscle mass, reduced energy, and lower mood. 

Because bone density and erectile function are affected, enclomiphene citrate may be beneficial to you. Enclomiphene citrate returns testosterone levels to normal, improving all aspects of your health and overall vitality. Most patients see an improvement in sperm motility, however large or small it may be.



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