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How to Choose B12 Injections or Pills?

How to Choose B12 Injections or Pills?
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If you plan on using a Vitamin B12 supplement, you might be contemplating whether shots or supplements (drop/pill form) are more effective. B12 supplements are available over the counter, and typically do not require a prescription. However, for higher dosage, you might require a prescription if it is an extreme deficiency which you suffer from. Regardless of the causes of your deficiency, these are a few things you should understand as it pertains to choosing a B12 shot over drops (or vice-versa).

Why supplements are as effective as shots 

First of all, shots are typically only available when you have a prescription from your doctor, or if you choose to go into their office and have them inject you during your office visit. In addition to this, the nature of your deficiency, and level of deficiency is typically not going to require such a high dosage at once. Therefore, the use of supplements, such as vitamin B12 drops, is typically more than enough if taken as needed, to increase levels naturally, and have vitamin B12 levels increase naturally.

Supplements, such as sublingual drops are automatically digested into the bloodstream. The beauty of this water soluble vitamin is the fact that it will not dissipate much, nor will the dosage be altered as it moves through your body. Sublingual drops are placed right below your tongue, meaning they are automatically swallowed and will go into the bloodstream. This makes them just as effective as the shot, and it typically means the vitamin will be in your system within a couple hours of taking your drops.

Some people do have difficulties ingesting supplements, at which point a higher dosage can be prescribed (up to 10,000 mcg) by your doctor, in order to ensure you are getting the sufficient levels your body needs. So, regardless of whether you are taking the recommended 2.4 mg daily, or are taking one single higher dose of the vitamin, the oral supplement form is usually going to suffice for most individuals who suffer from a deficiency.

If the effectiveness isn't enough, some people simply hate needles. So, if you are that type of person, and prefer taking an oral drop, which you will not taste and will naturally blend with whatever you are eating or drinking, you are also going to find the supplement form of B12 to be superior to vitamin B12 injections.

Not all supplements are created equally

It is important to note however, that not all forms of vitamin B12 are created equally. As a matter of fact, there are many manufacturers which will dilute their product with water, and other fillers or byproducts. With a water soluble vitamin, such as B12, this is basically going to render the supplement useless, as it is going to dissipate the potency of the dosage which you are taking.

The solution to this problem? Obviously, you want to get your vitamin B12 through a reputable manufacturer. You can alternatively get the prescription directly from your doctor, but why would you want to pay a higher price for something you can order online, for half the price? When choosing a supplier and manufacturer, it is important that you take the time to choose the right one. Consider a company which guarantees their products. Also look for a company which sells "prescription-grade" vitamin B12, and any other supplements they sell on the site. This is a sure fire way to know the supplement is not diluted, and that you are going to receive the full level of the dosage, when you are taking these drops under your tongue on a daily basis. It also guarantees that you are going to increase B12, meaning you can naturally cure the deficiency that you suffer from.

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Why choose Vitamin B12 supplements, rather than injections?

Now that you are aware of the potency issues, and possible dilution of the water soluble vitamin, should you purchase the drops or injections when you need to cure the deficiency? For most, supplements, such as sublingual drops, or a vitamin B12 pill, is going to do the trick. Many people do not like to take injections; this alone is enough reason for people to choose a drop-form of the supplement which they have to take on a daily basis. The fact that you have to go to your doctor to administer the injection, is another reason many people will choose supplements, rather than the injection form. Additionally, the injections tend to be costlier, for something you will get in a drop form, so why pay more for the same thing you can get, for a fraction of the price?

Sublingual drops are easy. You can carry them around in your purse, and you can administer the drops nearly anywhere. Vitamin B12 drops also come in varying dosage levels. So, regardless of how much (or how little) you have to take daily, there are solutions available for you. Vitamin B12 is water soluble, meaning as long as you are taking "prescription-grade" drops, you do not have to worry that the levels are going to be diluted as they pass through your bloodstream. The drops are just as effective as the supplement, they are simple to administer, and you only have to take a couple drops in the morning (and possibly a couple in the evening) with your meal, and you should easily cure the deficiency that you suffer from.

There are many people who are vitamin B12 deficient, so this is not a problem which is singling you out. If you are deficient, and are looking for a simple solution to cure that deficiency, for a reasonable price, look no further than vitamin B12 drops. They are potent, they are readily available online, and you can purchase them for a very low price if you know which website to order from. Don't overpay for injections or allow your doctor to try and sell you costly supplements in office. Rather, look for B12 drops online, and save, while getting the same quality drops you would purchase through your doctor's office, for a fraction of the cost online.

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