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Restoring Intimacy to Your Sex Life

<p>Restoring Intimacy to Your Sex Life</p>
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A drop in sexual interest and intimacy can be a common occurrence in long term relationships for a number of reasons. Aging often causes a natural drop in libido, but domestic priorities and stresses can get in the way of sex as well as feelings of boredom with what has become routine engagements. If one person in the relationship has more of a decline than the other, it can put tension and resentment between the couple. This interferes with intimacy and connection, as one tends to act more aggressive and critical while the other responds with distance and defensive behaviors. Sexual challenges don’t have to be the norm in your relationship, and for what it’s worth, a mismatch of sexual interest or boring sex is common in many couples. There are several things that can be done to restore intimacy in your sex life.

Refuse to Accept the Norms

As women age, there is a natural hormone imbalance that occurs as the body changes. Women often dread the period of time known as menopause, since the stories of uncomfortable bodily reactions and a significant decrease in sex drive are the most common warnings aged females share with their peers.  Sexual dysfunction, whether related to these hormone changes or originating from an emotional disconnect in the relationship, affects almost one-third of the U.S. population. In spite of how common it is for both men and women, most of the treatments on the market were directed to men’s challenges with sexual health and erectile dysfunction. Now that PT-141 has been approved for both males and females, there is an option for those who experience a loss of desire for intimacy. You don’t have to accept low libido or the norms of life and sex.

Try Using PT-141

This is a peptide compound known as Bremelanotide, and it is a melanocyte-stimulate hormone. Its job is to impact sexual arousal, increasing libido levels, and in men, helping stimulate a penile erection. It works through the nervous system to activate neurons in the brain to increase sexual interest. More specifically, the neurons trigger the release of dopamine hormones. These are the elements that promote motivation and sexual desire. As dopamine is released into the body, it sends messages to the new cells and activates them accordingly. Low dopamine levels could be a reason for your low interest in sex. Given the effect on the brain, PT-141 can increase the degree of sexual satisfaction and gratification you experience, it can enhance your mood, and it can also raise your libido levels to where sexual desire is more apparent. Altering the chemical state of your brain is one way to bring intimacy back into your life, but it isn’t the only way.

Foster Emotional Connections

Your sex life will be as vibrant and interesting as your emotional relationship since a good sexual relationship is built on closeness and emotional intimacy between a couple. Therefore, if you are trying to work on your physical relationship you need to examine your emotional connections. If you are looking to rekindle your passion in bed, you need to establish emotional connections that are deep enough to handle whatever challenges life may throw at you. Emotional attunement is a bond that can last even if you are having an off-night or in the midst of a disagreement. It is crucial that you work hard to empathize with each other and avoid criticizing or complaining about things that frustrate you. Opening new lines of communication where you share secrets, desires, and feelings can be a positive way to establish common ground that can be used to rekindle your sexual chemistry.

Reestablish Your Sexual Chemistry

The early years of your relationship were probably very different from the physical intimacy you share now. Couples that exploring each other’s bodies, with their likes and dislikes were fueled by anticipation and excitement, ready to discover something new. The infatuation often felt is related to the release of oxytocin that is produced during these initial encounters. Physical touch is arousing, and the drug-like nature of the bonding hormone causes feelings of euphoria and grants a reward pf closer intimacy. Holding hands, snuggling, touching, kissing, and sensual massage establishes a foundation for sex that is focused on pleasure. If your sex life hasn’t had this focus and you have had a difficult time finding satisfaction and reaching orgasm, rekindling your sexual chemistry could help improve your experience. Scream Cream is another resource, as it is a cream that can be used on the clitoris and vagina prior to intercourse to improve sensations and bodily responses to stimulation. When used, it can increase sexual responses to heighten your enjoyment.

Bring Diversity to Your Sex Life

You can improve the interest you have in sex by making it anything but boring and routine. A lot of people feel strange about trying new things in the bedroom, either due to embarrassment or shyness with their partner. However, allowing things to continue as normal makes it uninteresting and unsatisfying. Things like role-playing or acting out different fantasies can be playful ways of trying new things together. If one partner is more hesitant than the other, make small changes or adjustments or at first. If you try too hard to make things interesting, you could end up having a negative impact on your sex life.

Play Up Sexual Anticipation

Rather than just approaching sex with a straightforward request, find new ways of initiating sex. Being subtle can be one way to play up the experience, but building up sexual tension is also a way to create more excitement in bed. Sending texts or messages throughout the day that pique interest and convey how sexy and desirable your partner may be will be lead to more interest in bonding through both physical and emotional experiences. Females also have a harder time appreciating their own body, so it may be necessary that you have to spend some extra time working on your self-image in order to build up more intimacy in your sex life.

Treat Your Body Well

The female body is a beautiful instrument of life, and it should be taken care of. You really can’t be intimate with your partner if you have inhibitions about your beauty, abilities, or desirability. Taking time for self-care and allowing yourself to explore pleasure helps you develop self-confidence in who you are and what you deserve. Being comfortable with your own skin and understanding your body’s needs and desires makes a difference when you are in the bedroom. The better you know what you want, the more qualified you are to guide your partner around in the bedroom to provide pleasure and excitement for you both.

Practice Being Vulnerable

Intimacy, whether physically or emotionally, requires an element of vulnerability. Hesitating because you do not know what you are doing or being to scared or shy to speak up with your partner can put a damper on your chances to develop intimacy. Opening yourself up to new communication and experiences will the best way to bring the spark and interest back into your sex life. Don`t focus on what has happened in the past. Put your efforts into creating a new, exciting future for the two of you.

With these tips, you don`t have to dread heading to the bedroom or feel bored and unfulfilled. Changing perspective and taking advantage of medical resources can bring back a thrilling and intimate sex life.

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