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Beyond the Bedroom: What Do Men Want in a Meaningful Relationship?

Beyond the Bedroom: What Do Men Want in a Meaningful Relationship?
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Building a positive relationship with your male partner can take patience, time, and understanding. While some say that men are less complicated than women when it comes to what they want out of a romantic partnership, many males desire more than just a physical connection. If you are trying to move beyond the physical and add an emotional element to your relationship, we at Nu Image Medical want to offer you a few strategies for nurturing your bond for the future.


A recent study revealed that a breach of trust is one of the main reasons couples break up. This can happen in a number of ways, from reading texts and emails on your partner’s phone without his permission to constantly checking up on him when he is out with friends. This show of mistrust can lower a man’s self-esteem and may make him even less likely to share details of his life with you to the point where you grow apart. Offering your trust can be difficult, especially if you have been hurt in the past, but it can show him that you are ready to offer your heart as well as your body.

There are several ways you can show your partner that you trust him; for example, you can offer gestures of trust to him first, such as keeping your phone unlocked and being honest about the people you talk to. Let him know who your friends are and ask him about his. The more you both know about the people you share your lives with, the stronger your bond of trust can become.

Emotional Support 

Men are often told from a young age that they must show strength at all times, even in matters of the heart. Some are told to hide or conceal their emotions and to never cry in front of others. As they mature, they may carry these lessons with them but long for emotional support at the same time. Letting your partner know that you understand his feelings and that they are valid can help him understand that you accept his vulnerable side instead of mocking him for it.

Not every man seeks emotional support in the same manner, so learning how to read your partner’s moods and verbal signals can help you understand when he might be asking for help. For example, if your boyfriend gets quiet when he is going through something emotional, approach him with the same energy with a wordless touch or a hug. This can let him know you are aware of his mood and that you are there to support him and to listen.

An Appreciation of More Than His Body 

While most people enjoy a compliment, men likely do not want to be objectified any more than women do. Constantly focusing on your partner’s body might make him feel like an object instead of a person, and it may even cause him to think you are looking for some physical ideal he can never meet.

You can balance the way you compliment your male partner by letting him know his other attributes are just as sexy as his physical form. If he is a team leader at his job and you are proud of this fact, let him know that you admire his ability to lead and guide people so they can be more productive at their jobs. If he is creative, support his art, writing, or singing and be enthusiastic when he shares it with others.

The Ability To Make Mistakes

Some men are perfectionists and fear making errors, especially in their personal lives. Letting your husband or boyfriend know that mistakes are going to happen, whether he accidentally breaks your favorite photo frame or phrases something in a way that causes an argument, can reduce his fear of failure and help him understand that making mistakes is a part of being human.

Support for Health Problems 

Many men are taught early on that they have to be strong and virile in order to be truly masculine. As such, they may try to hide symptoms of illness because they do not want to be perceived as weak, especially by their partner. This can be especially true of sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction. ED can have a serious impact on almost every aspect of your relationship, so you may want to do all you can to get him to open up about it.

You can support your partner by learning about men's sexual health and how to reverse erectile problems with products like Mt. Everest. This medication, once approved by a doctor, can help your partner achieve and maintain more robust erections and increase his libido.


Building a mature and stable relationship with your male partner does not take place only in the bedroom. Looking beyond sex and understanding what he truly needs can help build the kind of trust and confidence that makes for a lasting partnership.



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