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How nutrition impacts your sex life | Nu Image Medical®

How nutrition impacts your sex life | Nu Image Medical®
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When you consider that the body is a giant organism made up of hundreds of individual organisms and organs, the things you put inside your body become more than just a general approach to good health. The different foods you eat can have an impact on specific body parts, even though the body, as a whole, benefits (or suffers) from your dietary choices. Common sense says that a well-balanced diet provides holistic benefits, but wouldnât it be nice to target an ailing or underperforming body part by switching up what you put on your plate? This becomes an easy way to address physical ailments, and for thousands of years, naturopathic medicine has followed this line of thinking. Use natural products to help restore natural bodily health.

Donât Be Hasty

You will be hard-pressed to find a good enough reason to substitute sound medical advice and physician-recommended treatment plans for your illness because you found a website that lists forty supplements that can fix your condition. Itâs just not wise. However, you will find that learning how to eat healthily and give you body the nutrients its needs can be beneficial in overcoming physical health challenges. Consider your penis health. Most males would agree that the ultimate sign of men's sexual health is their erection abilities. When things flounder below the belt, it can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and potentially frightening. When you arenât able to get or keep an erection that is hard enough to bring satisfaction during sex more than 50% of the time you try, you might have a condition known as erectile dysfunction. Though ED is a condition that needs to be evaluated by a doctor in order to find the right treatment plan, you can use foods to help support your prostate and penis health.

Emphasize the Penis

While you may want to give your penis special dietary attention, the foods you decide to incorporate should have a positive effect on your whole body. After all, an erection requires the work of the brain, the cardiovascular system, the circulatory system, and much more to maintain full potential. Although these foods can address concerns with your penis health, they can also improve other health conditions like excess fat or heart disease. Both of these, by the way, are contributing factors to erectile dysfunction.

Spinach.  Your goal might be to look and act like Popeye, but you probably wonât complain when you notice the improved blood flow that filling your diet with spinach could create. There are high levels of folic acid in spinach, and when cooked, spinach gives about 66% of your bodyâs daily need. Spinach also contains a lot of magnesium, which has been shown to stimulate blood flow and to raise testosterone levels.

Caffeine. Your morning cup of coffee might be a secret defense against erectile dysfunction, and this isnât because you are more likely to be awake late into the evening. Several studies have shown the caffeine can relax the penile muscles and arteries, which allow a stronger rush of blood when an erection is desired. Everything in moderation, though, and experts recommend consuming three or fewer cups a day.

Avocado. According to legend, the Aztec civilization named the avocado tree the âtesticle tree,â and as it turns out, this a food that can get you in the mood. Although it is an excellent source of potassium, healthy fats, and vitamins, it also contains a high level of zinc and vitamin E. Both of these nutrients have positive effects on fertility and libido, as since zinc has been shown to elevate levels of free testosterone and vitamin E helps with sperm quality.

Apples. The old adage about an apple a day can apply to your sexual health. In particular, the peel of an apple contains ursolic acid. Several research studies have shown that this compound starves the cells that contain prostate cancer. This doesnât mean you abandon your medical treatments, but increasing your apple consumption could lead to a more successful treatment plan. Any increase in fruits or vegetables improves your odds of winning the fight against prostate cancer.

Oats. They might seem bland and boring, but the effects that oats can have in the bedroom should make them a must-have for every romantic dinner. Wild oats are considered aphrodisiacs, and studies have found that oats can help with reaching orgasm. The L-arginine in oats has been shown to help treat erectile dysfunction as well.

If you arenât a fan of these foods, you can always rely on a product like Mt. Everest to restore the blood flow to your penis and create a strong, hard erection. When you give your body the right tools to make it happen, whether organically or synthetically, you can help feed your sexual appetite with a healthy penis.


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