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10 Things Everyone Hates About E.D.

10 Things Everyone Hates About E.D.
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The world is filled with sexual images, thoughts, and ideas, but as men age, those sexual hints that bombard them constantly just don’t seem to have the same effect. So, what happens when you find you can’t perform sexually as you did when you were 18 years old? Do you feel like you are no longer part of the man-club? If you do, you should know you are not alone? In fact, there is a new company called Nu Image Medical® that has developed a radical new approach to E.D. that has helped thousands of people and may be able to help you find yourself again. Although there is probably no one on earth that would say there are 10 things they love about E.D., here are the top 10 facts about E.D. that most men and women complain about.

See if you agree.

1. Social Stigma

Going to a party with all the sexual vibes bombarding you can make you believe you are standing outside and feeling all alone. You don’t have to be. Nu Image Medical® has a program that can decrease social anxiety and help you feel your best.

2. Mental Blocks

Once you experience an E.D. problem, the chances are that anytime you begin an intimate encounter, the mental blocks snap up, and you find yourself fighting to get positive about the situation again. It can be a struggle, but it is possible to get rid of those mental blocks.

3. Inadequate Feelings

ED isn’t about sexual desire, but most people don’t know what. At Nu Image Medical®, they understand that erectile dysfunction is a combination of things, including adequate blood supply to a man’s genitals, low testosterone, or hormonal complications. Kick those inadequate feelings to the curb with the Nu Image Medical® innovative approach to ED.

4. Performance Anxiety

Yes, it is all about performance and once you find yourself unable to make it to the end, or you make it to the end before your partner, the anxiety can go through the roof if you even think about a sexual encounter. Realize this is a normal reaction to a difficult situation.

5. Marital Distress

Without sexual encounters, a relationship can often suffer, and sometimes the relationship can fall apart. At Nu Image Medical®, there is a medical team that can help both you and your partner understand ED and ease the distress both of you feel.

6. Loss of Masculinity

It’s a man’s world, and it’s ruled by sex – right? If you want to get your libido back into action, don’t take the old blue pill. Contact Nu Image Medical® and let them help you boost your vitality and build your confidence with a product called Mt. Everest.

7. Sexual Identity

When some people lose their ability to have sex, they also lose their sexual identity. There can be a little voice inside their heads telling them they are not good enough anymore and no one wants them. Understand there are thousands of men and women around the world fighting to comprehend their fluctuating libido. If you feel like you are one of them, you can fight back – with help.

8. Doctor Visits

Getting the little blue pill requires going to a doctor and discussing your body with a group of people, including nurses and doctors. At Nu Image Medical®, they conduct medical interviews in a revolutionary new way: it's completely online.

9. White Lies

Men's sexual health is not a common topic of conversation, but you may find yourself lying to your friends about your sexual prowess, your dating experiences, or your number of partners. Don’t keep making up stories about a world you want to live in; instead, live it with the help of Nu Image Medical®.

10. Psychological Damage

Yes, being unable to get erect or stay erect can cause psychological damage such as depression, loss of appetite, becoming overly aggressive, and loss of self-esteem. Feelings of shame and abuse of substances can also result from ED problems. Before you find yourself going down the psychological rabbit hole that ED can cause, try something new to help yourself.

If you find yourself battling ED, even intermittently, you should know you are not alone. Men and women around the world worry about their lack of sexual drive. You can look and feel your best with the help of Nu Image Medical®. Become a healthier and happier version of yourself with a little help and a radically new and individualized medically supervised program.


Nu Image Medical® offers a new and futuristic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. The company has been a weight loss, anti-aging and wellness provider since 2004 and offers medically supervised programs for medical weight losspeptideserectile dysfunctionscream cream, and hair loss (NuDew) 

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