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Where to Take Your Single Ladies Before the Wedding

Where to Take Your Single Ladies Before the Wedding
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Everyone loves a wedding, but the wedding party tends to get their party on long before the happy couple says “I do.” For the bride and all her ladies, the maid-of-honor bears the task of planning one heck of a bachelorette party. Rather than doing the same old thing, break tradition and plan a weekend away for the lucky lady. Here is a list of some of the top areas to throw a weekend to remember before the big day.

Austin, Texas

Head off to where the weather is always nice and where there is plenty of fun to find. The Lone Star State has many attractions, but Austin holds the charm and has plenty of affordable lodgings. Sixth Street offers plenty of entertainment, between the bars and restaurants, but if you want to indulge in some comfort food before trying to fit into those dresses, try out Torchy’s Tacos. There are several locations throughout the city. You can take the girls out on a tubing ride down the Guadalupe River, and you can bring your own alcohol and music.

Boston, Massachusetts

If anyone in your party loves a city rich in history, Boston is the place to spend the weekend. However, you and the girls probably won’t be there to tour the U.S.S. Constitution. You can head over the Union Oyster House to get some world-class seafood and move on down to Boston’s South End for some drinks or Spanish tapas. The Legal Harborside has sangria by the pitcher that you can leisurely consume on their rooftop seating area. If you are in the mood to take in the historic sights of the town, the Old Town Trolley is a fun way to get around.

Cape May, New Jersey

Though it might seem like you are in the heart of North, you can rent bikes and take the girls through the Victorian neighborhoods of the town or tour the 62-acre farm of the historic Congress Hall hotel. If your idea of a party is to stay up late and sleep in, then you should head over to the Saltwater Cafe for the best seafood benedict you’ve ever tasted. Though there are plenty of beach spots to hang out and chat about the upcoming changes in life, you can tour one of the local wineries and get a taste of the local flavor. Feeling adventurous? Try out parasailing or whale watching, and stroll the boardwalk at the end of the day.

Charlestown, South Carolina

There is plenty of romance in Charleston, so its a great place to plan and prepare for the upcoming wedding. You can take your squad to the Belmond Charleston Place at the heart of King Street. It is the true definition of Southern hospitality, but the accommodations will make you feel like royalty. There are several in-hotel shops and restaurants, but the rooftop spa and pool are the places to be when sunset hits. You can relax on the beach for a day of sun, and you can stop in at Husk for a classic Southern fare dinner. If you would rather head back to the hotel, the Charleston Grill is located inside the Belmond and is famous for the crab cakes.

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is another great place to take your girlfriends for a final, single celebration. You can find swanky accommodations at The Blackstone Hotel or The Robey, but The Kimpton Gray Hotel has an Argentinean-inspired rooftop. Looking for a place to eat after a long night out and a late morning alarm? Head to the Summer House, where the brunch options are picture-perfect. By timing the visit just right, you and the girls could catch a Cubbies game at Wrigley Field. If you really want to wow the girls, charter a private boat to take you out over Lake Michigan. Spend an afternoon enjoying each other’s company and sipping on cocktails.
Plan the Perfect Weekend


The right location will be the start of an amazing weekend, but you need to make sure the details are in order if the days want to go by stress-free. Have a party gift for each attendee, and fill it with things that will spice up everyone’s love life. Include a tube of Scream Cream, and you will go down as being the best maid-of-honor ever. You might want to try it out beforehand, so you can speak from experience when telling them how it improves women's sexual health. However, you can’t just wing the rest of the weekend. Planning for a destination party should start as soon as you know the wedding is on. The girls need time to save, prepare, and get excited.


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