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Simplifying Your Struggle for Great Sex

<p>Simplifying Your Struggle for Great Sex</p>
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The difference between male and female sexual desire is not that different when you take into account the bodily mechanisms that control arousal and desire. When these two areas are fulfilled, satisfaction and pleasure occur. The process of arousal, or the work of the sexual excitation system, is when individuals are caught up in their sensuality, someone else’s, and notices everything around that seems sexy. This causes arousal and turn on. As an individual starts to notice threats to a sexual encounter or experiences discomfort or disgust in a relationship or environment, the resulting work of the sexual inhibition system sends a “turn off” signal. The part where men and women differ is in how an individual reacts to each sexual operating system.

Complicating Sexual Relationships

Men tend to get the reputation of always being in the mood for sex or able to turn it on without much stimulation. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong the way females are aroused. Research has found that women have a more emotional and mental component to their arousal, often looking at intimacy as a forerunner to great sex. Men do long for intimacy as well, although this tidbit isn’t often willingly shared in a relationship. Men struggle to openly express their wants and needs to a partner when it comes to personal information, while females tend to remain close-lipped about their desires in areas of sexual activity. This lack of confusion and miscommunication can a relationship, as the lack of information keeps one partner isn’t able to address the other partner’s needs. This is a cyclical blame game where each just operates according to what they know, potentially missing the mark on a great relationship and fabulous sex life.

Female Satisfaction

There is good news for all those women who aren’t happy or fulfilled with their sex life. Whether you are single and searching or you are in a relationship where neither of you is communicating what you want, narrowing down what you want enables you to devise a strategy for making it happen. There are three primary things that women want when it comes to the bedroom.

1. Pleasure

You would think that no one needs a reminder about the purpose of sex, but the unfortunate truth is that many women are living with sexual experiences that are not pleasurable. There are many reasons that can inhibit sexual pleasure, and the world has chosen to focus on the Me Too movement in order to draw awareness to sexual pleasure. When talking about women's sexual health and pleasure, the definition of pleasure becomes situationally specific. The sexual encounter is consensual but yet the needs of both partners are taken into account and boundaries or disinterest in certain activities are honored. The entire situation should facilitate pleasure- not just the final moments of intercourse. Pleasure achieves harmony between the emotional and physical relationships that occur between partners.

2. Desire

Social culture has made it easier for women to enjoy being body positive and embrace their inner goddess, but women want their partners to recognize them this way as well. The need to feel desired creates self-confidence and self-assurance, emotional conditions that influence your sex life. Having your partner worship the ground you walk on and commenting or acting like you are irresistible will give you the freedom to speak your mind in the bedroom. You will also feel like you are capable of more, as you may have a more intense desire for sexual expression. When you are wanting that feeling of intense pleasure during sex and you are ready to let the inner goddess out, try using a product like Scream Cream. This lubricant increases the blood flow to your genitals and heightens the sensations of each sexual organ, creating intense desire and pleasure when stimulation occurs. This product can help you combine how you feel with how you perform.

3. Joy

Too many people struggle to accept who they are or what they were taught to be true about identity, and this can interrupt your ability to enjoy sex and relationships. Your body doesn’t need to look or perform a certain way to be loved or adored. Your life’s journey is a process that is constantly evolving and creating new awareness about the body, relationships, and the world around you. Take pride in what you bring to the bedroom, and you can create a newfound joy for what you bring to the relationship both sexually and psychologically.

When it comes to women and their sex lives, it is almost as simple as one, two, three. These three areas are the foundation of female wants in the bedroom, and taking care of these can revolutionize your sex life.


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