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Scream Cream: What No One Is Talking About

Scream Cream: What No One Is Talking About
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If your libido isn't your favorite topic, you aren't alone. Perhaps it's been a while since you can remember having enjoyable sex. There are women all over the world who struggle with similar sexual issues and it can be a common source of frustration.

You are not alone.

One of the tricky things about female sexual difficulties or a lack of enjoyment when having sex is that many people are too embarrassed to talk about it. With other women keeping silent, the belief that everyone else is enjoying sex flourishes. This is faulty thinking that really only compounds the problem.

People commonly link the amount of fun they have in bed with their self-worth. If you're not enjoying sex the same way that your friends seemingly are, you may believe that you're less attractive or less desirable. These self-deprecating thoughts don't help a low libido.

At Nu Image Medical, we know that a lack of libido is a common problem and one that should not make you feel embarrassed or insecure. In fact, issues with libido and orgasms, in general, can be addressed and in many cases solved. A little education and some well-researched medication can make a big difference. That's why we want to spread the word about Scream Cream.

What is Scream Cream?

Once you learn about it, Scream Cream could become a staple product you keep in your nightstand drawer. It's a libido-enhancing medication that you apply topically to the genitals and surrounding areas. Because this is a transdermal product, it gets absorbed into the skin and locally utilized by the surrounding tissues. However, it does not go into the bloodstream.

How does Scream Cream work?

Scream Cream helps increase the blood flow around any areas where you apply it. Two of the ingredients in the product are vasodilators, which means that they widen blood vessels. The product also has a bronchodilator, which also has a blood-vessel widening effect and helps promote blood flow. The other active ingredient is a sex-enhancing hormone.

Stop settling for unenjoyable sex

Don't forget that mental well-being is an essential part of women's sexual health. If sex has become a letdown or something that you don't look forward to even when you're interested in your partner, your mental health can take a toll as well.

However, help is available from the Nu Image Medical team. We're your medically supervised solution to a happier, healthier YOU. If you can't remember the last time you truly enjoyed sex or would just like to have more fun while doing it, reach out to us.

Is Scream Cream right for you?

Maybe you've read everything up to this point and felt immense relief. Now you know that not only is a lack of libido a problem that many women face, but there's a product that could help you overcome it. People who are interested in purchasing Nu Image Medical products go through an easy process that harnesses the power and convenience of buying through the internet.

The first step is an online application process that involves answering a few questions. Then, during the next step, you'll have a consultation with a doctor. More specifically, one of our licensed physicians will suggest a personalized plan based on the information you give while filling out the application and during the consultation.

After that, the only thing left to do is wait to receive your Scream Cream treatment. Once it arrives, you can start using it and working towards a rewarding sex life.

An easy refill process.

At Nu Image Medical, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to continue getting the benefits once they discover that our products work for them. That's why we have a Patient Portal that you can use to check on the status of a recent prescription from one of our doctors or reorder more medication once you get close to running out.

Complete the refill request at a time that's right for you. And, do it in the privacy of your home.

It's time to feel confident again.

A lack of libido can cause your confidence to plummet. It can even make you fear that your partner may leave you because they perceive that you're not interested in them anymore. Scream Cream can help you conquer sexual challenges and feel great about having sex again.

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