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Scream Cream

Scream Cream
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What is Scream Cream?

More than 50 percent of women complain they have sex drive issues each month in one form or another. While low libido was once a taboo topic, that is no longer the case. Not only are women more open about libido, but they are also seeking medical attention in record numbers.

Many scientists believe high-stress levels are a major contributing factor to women's low sex drive. With more pressure to be everything for everyone all the time, it is no wonder women find themselves exhausted at the end of the day. This exhaustion can lead to little or no desire for sex. In addition to mental and emotional fatigue, hormones, illness, psychology and alcohol can also play a part. Here are a few common issues that can radically affect a woman’s libido:

1. Stress

When stress levels rise, your body innately focuses more on what it needs to simply survive (breathing, regulating heart rate, etc). This means a women's libido will likely take a back seat. More pressing demands at work or home take precedence over a woman's physical desires.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol can be both a detriment and a boost to a woman's libido. While some people rely on a little alcohol to remove their inhibitions, if someone drinks too much they can have poor sexual performance and emotionally detach from the relationship.

3. Hormones

A woman’s hormones fluctuate throughout her lifetime. Whether it is due to menstruation, pregnancy, nursing or menopause, hormones levels will go up and down and, at times, can become out of balance. Hormonal imbalances can have a big impact on sexual desire.

4. Diseases

Depression and thyroid disease are the most common diseases altering the woman's libido. Both can cause women to become overly tired and result in poor self-image.

5. Psychology

Self-esteem, confidence, and self-love are a big part of sexual satisfaction. If a woman feels insecure, it stands to reason she may have a difficult time feeling receptive to a sexual advance from her partner.

How To Put The Spark Back Into Overdrive

People may believe the solution to a low libido is complicated for all women, but that is not the case. Nu Image Medical® has a proven, multi-faceted approach to enhance a woman's sexual experience. Put the fun back into your love life with the help of Nu Image Medical®. Not only does Nu Image Medical address aging and diet and weight loss issues, but they have also developed Scream Cream. Scream Cream is designed to improve sexual satisfaction and climax. Let's look at at how Scream Cream works.

1. What does it do?

Scream Cream works by increasing the blood flow in the areas of application. When applied externally to the genitals, it can increase a woman's chance of orgasm and maximize the sensitivity. Because Scream Cream is transdermal it is easily absorbed into the localized tissue but not the bloodstream.

2. How do you get it?

Nu Image Medical® has developed a simplified process that gives patients easy access to Scream Cream as well as their wide range of services. You simply enroll online by answering a few questions and then you proceed with a simple doctor's evaluation. This ensures all patients receive personalized help from a licensed physician. The next step is to simply use and enjoy Scream Cream.

While Scream Cream may not solve all the underlying issues you have with your libido it can maximize your sexual experience so you enjoy sex again. Nu Image Medical® is here to help with a lot of other areas too.

As a leader in the telehealth industry, Nu Image Medical® provides total wellness care nationwide. Regardless of where you live, you can contact them for information on how to reclaim and revitalize your life inside and out. Nu Image Medical® offers online care through the power of modern technology. This way, they can help patients without concerns about location or distance.

Everyone should get the look and the life they deserve!

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