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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pleasure

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pleasure
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Personal pleasure is one of the most enjoyable sensations a person can ever experience, however it is all too often treated as a taboo subject not discussed in polite company. This has led to many misconceptions about personal pleasure, from how to best achieve it to the many positive effects it can have on your life. This is a particularly large concern for women's sexual health, as women are often not taught to embrace their sexuality in the same way men are. If you have areas where you're unsure when it comes to sexuality and pleasure, here are answers to some of the most common questions.

How Do I Learn What Works for Me?

In an ideal sexual encounter with a partner, you will both receive high levels of pleasure and enjoy the experience immensely. If you're simply relying on your partner to know what works best for you, however, you're rolling the dice. It's much better to enter into the encounter knowing what you like and what you don't in order to offer guidance. No two bodies are the same so the best way to figure out what works best for you is to experiment, alone or with a partner, and follow what feels good.

How Can I Make Sure My Partner Is Having Fun?

This is where each partner knowing their own body can help to make things more pleasurable for everyone. Ask your partner what they like and what they don't, and then take that information to heart and listen to it. Don't let your ego get in the way if they aren't interested in one of your strongest abilities. A receptive partner is a loving partner who can deliver maximum pleasure. If your partner doesn't know what they love then experiment together, following their body's lead, then suggest they learn the lesson of the question above by taking time to study their own body's likes and dislikes.

Are Orgasms About More Than Feeling Good in the Moment?

Yes! While the benefit of the explosive pleasure you feel is no-doubt a strong incentive on its own, that's not the only reason to strive to experience more personal pleasure in your life. When you reach a climax your body releases hormones which have many positive effects in the way you feel. Many of the chemicals released when your pleasure crescendos are directly linked to feelings of joy or even euphoria.

Can Pleasure Help With My Stress Levels?

Stress relief is actually one of the biggest benefits which comes from discovering how you receive pleasure and using it to increase the frequency of your orgasms. In addition to the benefits of adding the enjoyable experience which precedes it to your life, orgasm releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which has the positive side effect of increasing happiness and decreasing stress.

Do the Positives of Pleasure Include Physical Benefits? 

Regular climaxes are not just good for your mind and soul, they're great for your body as well. In addition to the benefits which the hormone regulation an orgasm can provide, the act of getting where you need to be is rarely one of minimal activity if a partner is involved. The best way to get in better shape is to find enjoyable ways to be active and burn calories, and there are few more enjoyable ways to do both.

Is There a Female Answer to Viagra?

Few medicines have done more to change the way we experience sexual pleasure than medicines like Viagra which restore vitality to men, however many have wondered when it will be women's turn. The good news is that time is now. Products like Scream Cream are here to change the way women experience pleasure and they're not just for women who find their libido to be lacking.

How Do Female Pleasure-Enhancing Creams Work?

The goal of any good pleasure enhancing cream is to increase the amount of pleasure that a woman can experience by taking their natural pleasure centers and increasing their intensity. Scream Cream is applied directly to the clitoris and labia and helps to increase blood flow where it is applied. By increasing blood flow to the nerves around a woman's genitals it makes them more sensitive so that every touch is more stimulating and orgasms are easier to achieve and more powerful when they occur.

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