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Millennials Beware! Your Generation Is Losing Its Hair

Millennials Beware! Your Generation Is Losing Its Hair
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Yes, you may see bald men that have captured America’s heart. You might even find the roles these men have played in films, sports, or theater as sexy or desirable. Recently some women have also been portrayed in movies with bald heads, and you may have thought to yourself how great that actress looked with a shaved crown. When it happens in a movie, the suspension of belief kicks in so that you may enjoy the bald cranium, but what if your hair started to fall out unexpectedly? The fact is, both millennial men and women are losing their hair in record numbers – and at much earlier ages than ever before.

Here are four of the many psychological factors hair loss individuals are dealing with – and the ways to fight back.

It’s Not Normal

Whether you admit it or not, you struggle to look and feel your best, and you are not alone. Losing your hair is not something that happens to everyone, so in that sense, it isn’t ‘normal,’ but it is happening to more people every year. That means it is becoming more acceptable. However, you don’t have to worry about becoming insecure as your hair thins because science has your back. Here at Nu Image Medical® we are fighting to move beyond the mediocrity and insecurity offered balding people by the world.

No One Will Desire Me

Hairstyles, types, and colors have tremendous emotional and psychological meaning in your life. Most people spend many hours a week staring into the mirror getting their hair to look just right, and others spend hundreds of dollars a year on hair products to make every individual hairdo just what they want it to. Why do people work so hard on their hair? Desirability. Being loved, appreciated, and desired is central to the human core. That is why you want to look and feel your best every time you leave your home.

It’s Depressing

Throughout history, a person’s hair has been seen as their ‘crowning glory’; and the thicker and healthier the hair looked, the more sex appeal and higher his or her social status was assumed to be. There was even a period of over a century when styled and coffered hair manifest wealth, so it became a symbol of affluence and financial security. No wonder most people find it depressing to lose a handful of hair in the shower or notice their brush is full of hair their body shed. Nu Image Medical® wants to help you improve your sense of self by helping build your self-confidence to find the look and life you deserve. 

I’ll Be Ugly Without Hair

Logically it makes no sense for people to admire film stars with bald heads and then look at themselves and think they would be less desirable as they begin balding, but that is exactly what the ego begins screaming when even a little of your hair falls out. Self-esteem is a critical issue in everyone’s personal identity. That is why losing hair, whether it is genetic or heredity, can have such a great impact on how people perceive themselves in the world around them. Believing he or she will be ugly when their hair falls out or thins out can lead individuals to have serious physical illnesses, high stress, and damaging emotional issues. Nu Image Medical® wants everyone to look and feel their best and has created an innovative and medically supervised solution to help improve health, build confidence, and boost vitality. 

Your hair is more than a superficial part of your world that you only deal with once or twice a day. It is a real part of who you are – a part of your psyche. When you have control over your hair, you have control over that part of your world. When that control is suddenly taken from you, it can be a devastating blow to your self-image. 

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