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It's Time to Spring Clean Your Stress

<p>It's Time to Spring Clean Your Stress</p>
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Spring is in the air, and with it comes longer days, more sunshine, and a refreshing breeze. The winter months can get depressing and tiring, staying cooped up indoors, dealing with the cold, or preparing for tax season. The pressure can do a number on the body and mind, and spring presents a way to start shedding your stress.

The Need to Recharge

Prolonged stress can do some very damaging things to your body. Not only does it have an impact on issues of mental health, but it can also severely impact men's sexual health, cardiovascular health, and overall energy levels. When you don’t address the pent up emotions or stress in your life, you can lower your workplace productivity and put a strain on important relationships in your life. Allowing stress to remain can interrupt healthy sleeping habits, negatively influence your dietary choices, and make it harder to diet or exercise. Without a doubt, you need to recharge and let go of the stress that is weighing you down. If the idea of letting go is something you’ve only heard about in a Frozen movie, allow us to give some help. Here are some popular and enjoyable ways to reduce stress this spring.

Let Yourself Naturally Adjust

There are many people who see the first signs of spring as the excuse to jump into cleaning, yard work, longer hours at the office, or travel plans. With daylight savings time, everyone welcomes the extra light but dreads the loss of the hour. It can wreak havoc on your body and sleep cycle, only making any issues you have with stress worse. As spring comes and you move through DST, let your body naturally adjust. Don’t force new habits or routines right away. Let your natural biorhythm and cycles get in sync, but give them a rest. You need to take time for yourself. Make a concerted effort to give yourself a break.

Change Your Daily Diet

With the sights, smells, and sounds of spring, it is highly likely that you will want to munch on fresh fruits and veggies instead of pouring over a bowl of chili or beef stew. This is a good thing, as your body will need nutrients to carry itself through the busy days ahead. However, improving your diet can also help you reduce stress, as you will feel better about the changes you are making in your life. Cooking meals and the sense of satisfaction that comes from the accomplishment can also be highly therapeutic to those struggling with stress. Make each meal a colorful occasion, with vibrant vegetables and brilliant greens. The visual appearance of a healthy mood can also be stress-relieving.

Step Up Your Sex Life

You heard it. Sex is well-known as being an effective stress reliever. While you don’t need to reserve your hanky-panky for the springtime, the season lends itself well to frolics in the bedroom. If you are worried about your performance and shy away from sexual encounters, look into ways to overcome your fears. For those struggling with ED and cannot maintain an erection hard enough for sex, Mt. Everest is a medication that can help restore an erection hard enough for sex. It can also boost your hormone production and increase your libido and feelings of closeness. If intimacy is what you lack, spring weather is great for romantic walks or outdoor picnics. Take the time to talk to your significant other and restore the spark.

Clean Out Your Closet

A cluttered life can be an indication of a cluttered mind. If you want to free your mind and let go of the depression or anxiety weighing it down, a good spring cleaning might be in order. Take time to go through a toolbox for extra tools that can either be sold or donated. Clean out your closet and get rid of those outfits that you feel dampen your appearance. Wherever you find clutter in your lives, take a nice sunny day and clean it up. You will be more likely to feel enthused and relieved once you get rid of some of the trash in your life.

Get Some Exercise

You can relieve a lot of stress by giving it sweat treatment. When you exercise, you help sweat out toxins. You also release feel-good hormones that move the stress out of the way. Exercise gives you a natural energy boost and improves your sleeping patterns. It can help you lose weight and it can tighten or tone sagging skin.


Don’t head into spring with the same stress you’ve been carrying around all winter. Follow a few of these tips to spring clean your psychological and physical habits.


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