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Confessions of a Former Failure

<p>Confessions of a Former Failure</p>
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It's not a question of whether we'll face obstacles. It's a question of how we'll respond when we do. We're featuring a confession by former self-proclaimed failure who hopes to bring clarity to what resilience looks like and why it matters. Kat's story resonates with many people. Because she wants the focus to be on the tenacity of the human spirit and not on who she is, she has asked us only to use her first name. 

Confession Time

I spent most of my 20's and 30's struggling with how I looked and feeling like a failure. Up until then, I was thin, active, and the life of the party. All of that changed as I found myself gaining weight with each passing year. 

My emotional overeating was destroying everything that held value in my life; yet, I felt powerless to escape it. For me, life had somehow been boiled down to food. What would I eat next? When could I eat it?

I started feeling embarrassed to go out and didn't want to draw attention to myself.

I tried to get control of myself, but for every attempt I made to lose weight and take control of my eating, I only seemed to gain more. Was this the way I was going to live the rest of my life? 

I distinctly remember one beautiful, sunny afternoon. I was sitting with a friend on my front porch with tears streaming down my face. I felt so alone in my struggle. I was yelling, I was cursing, and I was angry. If this was all the better my life was going to get, then I thought my family would be better off without me. 

I sank into a dark place. 

I had hit rock bottom.

But now the only place to go from there was up.

Get Back Up

After so many failed attempts in the past, I was afraid of failing again. But then I thought, what is failing, really?  

The only way to fail is to quit. 

Years ago, during the Winter Olympics, figure skater after figure skater fell during his or her routine. These were the best skaters in the world, and every single one of them fell--some three times or more. But every single one of them got up and continued their routine to the end. They didn't stay down. They were there to perform and to finish their routine--a routine they had spent years training to skate. 

That year, EVERY skater who won a medal had fallen. But they were standing on an Olympic platform with a medal around their neck. Why did they get such an honor? Because they got back up and finished their routine.

I can't win a medal if I fall and stay down. 

I can't cross the finish line and reach my goal if I quit.

Moving Forward 

Since then, I have dedicated myself to becoming a student of healthy habits and have learned about:

·     Nutrition and eating well

·     Being active and enjoying movement

·     Keeping a positive attitude

·     Getting adequate sleep

·     Building healthy relationships

·     Saying good-bye to toxic people

I have also realized I'm not chasing a destination, and I won't just "arrive" at optimal health. Working on my weight and my health will be an ongoing, lifelong journey. Some days will be good, and some will be hard. But every day, I need to show up and be mindful.

Do I fall and stumble at times? Yes! 

Some days, I feel like I am flying so low, I'm dangerously close to crashing. I feel tired, I don't want to run, I want comfort more than discipline, or I'm emotionally and mentally worn down. But it's on those days I need to keep facing forward.

But as the chief research scientist for General Motors said, "The enthusiast fails forward."




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