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Xenical Is a Weight Loss Booster, Not a Miracle Drug

Xenical Is a Weight Loss Booster, Not a Miracle Drug
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Xenical is the prescription name for orlistat. Orlistat blocks fat absorption in the intestines to assist with weight loss. However, it cannot help you lose weight on its own in a manageable and healthy way.

If your goal is to discover the answer to the question, "how much weight can I lose with Xenical," then it will help to understand how this medication works. In addition, you have to learn the value in combining the drug with other healthy habits.

How Xenical Works

When you take Xenical, it will prevent your intestines from absorbing the fat in your food. It does not absorb all the fat you consume. It will only block about 1/3 of the fat you eat.

The fat Xenical does not absorb will go to use in your body or your body will store it. The good thing about Xenical is that you will know if you eat too much fat when taking it. WebMD explains that high fat consumption you will have some pretty awful side effects, such as uncontrollable loose stools and anal leakage. These things occur because the only way for your body to get rid of the excess fat is through your bowels. So, it also works as a way to get you eating healthier and consuming less fat.

Xenical is not something you want to use alone. It is a way to boost your weight loss efforts. If you aren't using it properly and only care about finding out how much weight can I lose with Xenical, then you may be in for a shock.

Side Effects and a Healthy Diet

Because you want to know, "how much weight can I lose with Xenical," it is imperative that you learn Xenical alone won't help you.  It is a weight loss booster.

Using Xenical without adjusting your diet or exercising will only lead to issues. Do you remember the side effects from earlier? You will likely suffer from severe issues due to taking the medication and not reducing the amount of fat you eat.

To avoid this fate, you must make sure that your diet only contains about 30% fat. This is not optional. You will not enjoy taking this medication without changing your diet, and you'll likely end up not taking it anymore because of the effects.

The Right Plan

How much weight can I lose with Xenical? The Mayo Clinic states that Xenical will only help you to lose a few more pounds than you would without using it. So, you won't get a lot of benefits using just the pill alone. If you ignore your diet and don't exercise, you will probably be lucky to see a very small amount of weight loss.

A better plan is to make Xenical part of your complete weight loss regimen. To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. The math is complicated to figure out your specific target number of calories to eat each day, but the basic calculation is that one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories.

To lose one pound of fat, you must either eat 3500 fewer calories or burn 3500 more calories than you currently do. Ideally, the best way to do this is through a combination of diet and exercise.

You should not factor in how Xenical will affect these numbers. Consider Xenical as a bonus. It will boost whatever you already lose through your healthy lifestyle. Xenical alone is not a diet plan.

Tips for A Good Weight Loss Plan

Since you now know that part of the answer to "how much weight can I lose with Xenical" is that you can't rely on the medication alone, it is a good idea to work on your well-rounded weight loss plan that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The benefits of combining diet, exercise, and Xenical are immense. Not only will this help you avoid side effects from taking the medication but also it will give your overall weight loss a boost. You'll also have a better chance of sticking with it and losing the most possible weight.

Combining diet, exercise, and Xenical can give you amazing results, but the hardest step is the first one. When you have a plan in place, it makes it much easier, so here are some tips for each part of your plan.


You need to make healthy food choices. Reduce the amount of red meat you eat because it is often quite high in fat. You may find you prefer to get the 30% of the fat you can eat from other sources rather than red meat.

Speaking of fat, try to consumer good fats. Use olive oil instead of butter when cooking. Eat nuts as a healthy snack instead of cheese and crackers.

Also, watch for hidden fats in foods. Read nutrition labels carefully and make sure you know the fat content of everything you put in your mouth.

Don't just focus on fat, though. While it is important when taking Xenical, you also want to reduce your overall calories. So, cut down on added sugar, and eliminate empty calories, such as soft drinks.


While it is tempting to forego exercise, you should be doing it at least three times a week. When you ask, "how much weight can I lose with Xenical," the answer will be much higher if you are exercising as part of your strategy.

It doesn't have to be anything wild. A simple after-dinner walk is fine. You can also count regular activities, such as cleaning your house and playing with your dog, as exercise.

Try to find something you enjoy doing. Making exercise feel less like work makes it easier to stick with it. Instead of walking on a treadmill that leaves you feeling bored, go on a hike or ride your bike around the neighborhood.

If you'd rather stay inside, find a workout you really like, such as dance aerobics. There are workout routines for almost everything imaginable. You're sure to find your niche.


You will need to see your doctor to get a prescription for Xenical. You should follow all the instructions the doctor gives you about taking the medication. This includes taking it with a meal, three times a day. You should never take extra pills. If you miss a dose, then skip it.

Keep an eye out for side effects, especially the more severe and less common ones. Not everyone can take this medication, so you need to be honest with your doctor about your experience. It is also important to stay up on check-ups to be sure your body is tolerating the drug.

The Best Combination

With a plan that includes diet, exercise, and Xenical, you can achieve the best weight loss results. Each thing on its own does a certain job to help you lose weight, but together they can make that weight loss a reality.

Trying to just diet or just use Xenical will usually only result in frustration. Avoid derailing yourself from the start by putting diet, exercise, and Xenical together in a comprehensive weight loss plan.

Then, when you ask, "how much weight can I lose with Xenical," you'll be quite happy with the answer.

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