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The Prescription to Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts

The Prescription to Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts
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Thanks to developments in research, dieting programs have been given a boost. As science began to understand how food was digested in the body and how easily lipids and fats built up, new medications and interventions were designed to make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is a national crisis in the United States, so any help that individuals can get is highly welcome. Xenical is a weight loss medication that has improved the success of dieting efforts, with one study showing it was significantly more effective than just lifestyle changes to manage weight.

The Medical Reports

As mentioned, rising obesity rates are affecting the health of the general population. Being overweight leads to a number of health problems, with conditions of obesity further exacerbating these health concerns. When you carry around excess weight, you are at an increased risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, back problems, certain types of cancer, and osteoarthritis. The medical field commonly uses a person’s BMI to determine if the individual is overweight, as it measures how much you weight in relation to how tall you are. The resulting number puts you in a category, which could either be normal, overweight, or obese. Many people do the informal check around the middle, looking at their waist size and how much fat has accumulated over the years. Men with a waist size of more than 40 inches and women with a waist size over 35 inches have increased risks of developing obesity-related conditions and diseases.

The Support of the Drug

There are a lot of medical studies that show the harmful effects of excess body weight on an individual, but there have also been reports that show the effectiveness of certain dieting plans. As weight concerns have become more prevalent in adolescents and young children, researchers looked at the impact of Xenical weight loss pills for restoring a healthier body weight. In a one year study, 539 adolescents were administered Xenical (which also goes by the name orlistat) and instructed to make several lifestyle changes. These included exercise, a reduced-calorie diet, and behavioral therapy. In the adolescents that received the medication, they experienced a significantly greater reduction in fat mass, a significantly reduced BMI, and a significantly greater decrease in waist circumference over the participants that only made lifestyle changes. Because of this study, numerous others, and rigorous testing, the FDA approved Xenical as a weight management drug.

The Specifics of the Drug

Xenical is a drug that contains the active ingredient Orlistat. It is a weight loss medicine that works in the gut to prevent fat absorption. Some statistics show that it effectively blocks up to 30% of fat that is consumed through the diet. It isn’t just a weight loss supplement, but an option to help maintain the loss. Over 149 countries have licensed Xenical for weight management treatments, and more the 19.5 million patients have used the product since it was first introduced to the health market in 1998. It is not a stimulant, therefore it doesn’t have an effect on the brain, but because it is a prescription medication, it should only be taken when a physician has prescribed the medication for severe weight conditions.  Because the drug is so potent, physicians carefully monitor patients to be sure that individuals with eating disorders aren’t using the medication for negative-impacting results. Appropriate use leads to about four in ten people losing an average of 10% of their body weight each year.

The Diet Complement

As a weight loss pill, Xenical can only do so much. The function of the pill is only effective when it is combined with hard work and dedication to a healthy diet and a strong exercise plan. Patients that want to experience such a change in their life and health need to recognize bad habits and poor activity levels for the negative impact they have on a healthy weight. It isn’t an overnight fix, but orlistat can help speed up the results of your efforts.

The Influence on Your Eating Habits

Xenical capsules support healthy eating habits by having an effect on the absorption of fat within the body. Orlistat, the drug component of Xenical, is a lipase inhibitor. Within the body, it stops the pancreatic and gastric enzymes that break down triglycerides inside the intestines. When triglycerides that are ingested through the diet are not changed into absorbable fatty acids, they are left to be excreted through normal waste processes. The unabsorbed fat exits the body through feces. The blocking of enzymes that digest fat within the stomach doesn’t just prevent fat from building up but it also promotes a healthier body composition.

The Impact on Total Body Health

The benefits of losing weight and restoring a normal range BMI are many. A body that is healthier has a stronger immune system, reduced risk of serious diseases and cancers, and exhibits more energy. Though the total weight loss program helps the body achieve this state, Xenical has a key role in two areas of health concerns. These are blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.

Blood Pressure

Keeping your blood pressure low is important, as the higher your blood pressure the greater your risk of future health problems. High blood pressure puts excess strain on your heart and arteries. Over time, your arteries will become more rigid and thick under the strain, and they become weaker. When arteries are thicker and less flexible, they become more narrow and prevent adequate blood flow to sustain your heart, organs, and brain. There more narrow they are, the greater the possibility of clod. If a total clog occurs, the clot can lead to a stroke, heart attack, dementia, or kidney disease.  If an artery has become too weak, it could lead the artery bursting. The end result could be a heart attack or stroke. Research has shown that Xenical is able to help lower blood pressure and create a strong heart rate, reducing the risk of hypertension. Blocking the lipids helps keep the arteries from being clogged as food is broken down and sent throughout the body.

Insulin Sensitivity

The body needs to produce enough insulin and use it properly in order to maintain good health. The food we consume has all the nutritional components taken from it when it travels through the digestive system. The body uses glucose, a form of sugar, as the energy needed to perform normal bodily functions. Glucose is also stored within the muscles and the liver as glycogen. The muscles have a much higher blood sugar need than other areas of the body, and for those with a high percentage of muscle tissue, the glucose is often used up rather quickly. However, for those with a low percentage of muscle tissue, the body isn’t able to get rid of the excess blood sugar very easily. Insulin resistance is a negative condition that creates too many stores of glucose, and Xenical works to promote insulin sensitivity. Not only does this help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the sweet cravings and energy crash dieters commonly experience, it reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

If your health and wellness are jeopardized by your weight, then Xenical may be the key to making a change. With the Nu Image WAYT-less and supplement programs, you can take control of your body and improve your quality of life.

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