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My Weight Loss Journey | Ally Pepper COO of Nu Image Medical

My Weight Loss Journey | Ally Pepper COO of Nu Image Medical
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This message is dedicated to all the mothers and women who are struggling with weight loss, whether you are postpartum or simply trying to shed those extra pounds. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ally Pepper, and I am the COO and head nutritionist at Nu Image Medical.

I am a mom of a beautiful baby girl and after having her, I was weighing 189 lb. I am four months postpartum, and let me tell you, getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight (135lb) has been quite a challenge, especially while juggling a full-time job and taking care of a newborn at home. Although my pregnancy was a blessing, it came with unexpected bumps (no pun intended!).

A few months before getting pregnant, I contracted Covid and lost my sense of smell and taste. While this was initially convenient during the first few weeks of my pregnancy as I had no food aversions, unfortunately, my sense of taste and smell returned, but everything was distorted.

Every food and smell tasted and smelled like rotten meat. My entire diet was thrown off, and I couldn't keep anything down due to morning sickness and the unappetizing taste of food. As a nutritionist, I had a plan in mind for my pregnancy diet, but I had to adjust my expectations and ended up consuming a lot of fast food and sodas to cope.

This was my temporary solution until my doctor informed me that I needed to watch my sodium intake due to high blood pressure, and I was advised to take a daily baby aspirin and monitor my blood pressure regularly.

Thankfully, everything went well until I had to be induced at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure. After being admitted, I delivered a healthy baby girl, and all seemed fine. We were discharged, and I took my baby girl home.

However, a few days later, I developed postpartum preeclampsia and had to be readmitted and treated for it.

I am sharing my whole story because I was unable to breastfeed my baby due to the medication I was on, so I had to supplement with formula. Initially, I planned to breastfeed and then start my weight loss journey. However, since I couldn't breastfeed, I decided to start my weight loss plan as soon as possible. In 2023, I weighed 185 lbs, and seeing that number made me determined to lose weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Before and after weight loss

I may sound biased as I work for a company that offers multiple weight loss treatment plans, and I am the nutritionist who wrote the ebooks for our treatment plans, but, let me tell you, I was thrilled to put our treatment plans to the test on myself! It all started on January 15th when I decided to try the WAYT-less⢠program from Nu Image Medical.


This is my weight loss story!

Embarking on my weight loss journey with the WAYT-less program program has been a transformative experience. Initially, I was apprehensive about the commitment, especially since I was adjusting to my new life as a mother. However, the comprehensive approach of the program, which includes a balanced diet plan, exercise regimen, and necessary supplements, gave me the support and structure I needed.

In the first few weeks, I noticed small but significant changes. My energy levels began rising, and I felt more optimistic and motivated. The program's focus on gradual and sustainable weight loss helped me avoid the pitfalls of crash dieting, ensuring that I was making healthy changes that I could maintain in the long term.


  • Before: 191 LB

  • After: 126 LB


Ally's weight loss tips:

Embarking on my weight loss journey was daunting, but I've learned valuable lessons along the way that I'm eager to share. First and foremost, finding the right weight loss program made all the difference. It's not just about shedding pounds quickly; it's about sustainable lifestyle changes.

That means saying goodbye to processed foods and embracing whole, nutritious options. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

  1. Prioritize Physical Activity: Make regular physical activity a part of your daily routine to feel strong and energized.

  2. Revamp Eating Habits: Pay attention to your body's signals, eat well-balanced meals, and avoid overeating.

  3. Set Realistic Goals: Determine a realistic goal weight to keep yourself motivated and focused

  4. Hydration: Stay hydrated for metabolism, digestion, and well-being. Aim for 8 glasses daily.

Remember that everyone's Weight Loss Journey is unique, so don't compare yourself to others. Focus on your own progress and celebrate every small victory. Surround yourself with a support system of friends, family, or even an online community to keep you accountable and motivated. And most importantly, be patient and kind to yourself throughout the journey.

Ready to take the first step? Join WAYT-less now and start your personalized weight loss journey. Your success story begins here!

Begin Your Journey with WAYT-less⢠Today!

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